Where too next?


So just got back from a lovely stay at the Poly and thought we were going to do universal next year but now DS says he wants to go back to Disney. Past trips we have stayed at WL, AOA, AKL, and YC. Going to do 2 weeks next year and was thinking a split stay with1 week at the Poly again and try a new resort. Wondering what other resort we should try next and why? Normally prefer deluxe because of balconies but open to other suggestions also. Thanks


Boardwalk because it’s an Epcot Resort with direct access to both parks.

Or POR, because it’s on my bucket list. It looks beautiful and I would love to stay there.


I agree with @Nickysyme but you may also want to consider CBR since it would be on the new gondola system?


We really love Beach Club, which I know is very similar to Yacht Club so it may not be of interest to you. We also really enjoy POR and will be staying at French Quarter in a few weeks. I can’t wait!