Where to watch Wishes with an ECV?

We are a party of 5, one is a first time ECV user & are traveling the end of July. I know it will be crowded but we are looking to get a decent view of Wishes without being on or right near Main Street. I am currently creating some touring plans & I would appreciate some input to help me decide which area we should try to be in for the show.

My cousin has the same question… for all I know you could be her. :wink: Following this thread for answers.

While I’ve never watched wishes from anywhere but main st (at various distances from the hub or in the hub), dessert party, or poly, I’ve read a number of threads from people who have enjoyed wishes from various vantage points in the park, including behind the castle (reportedly there is stuff going on all around you). There was also a thread once where a number of park veterans said if it’s timed just right, seeing wishes while riding big thunder is pretty cool. While that wouldn’t apply in your situation, it’s good to know that wishes can still be a good show from even odd or distant vantage points.

I hope to read some good suggestions from those more experienced. I’d like to try wishes from different perspectives too.

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One of our favorite places to watch Wishes is right in front of Crystal Palace. I think, with an ECV, that would open up space and make escaping the park afterward (if that is your intention, easier. It’s out of the main thoroughfare and has easy access to the hub. It is where we went when a stroller was part of our baggage train.

The caveat is the new hub modifications. I’m not sure how they affect traffic flow around CP. Someone with more recent experience might know.

Thanks - I wanted to grab a Dole Whip before Wishes so this will be a great fit into my plan! On the map it looks like there is a Photo Pass right there so perhaps that person could help us out and direct us to a good place in that area where we wouldn’t be in the way.

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