Where to watch the parade during MVMCP?

I was planning on watching the parade somewhere around The Diamond Horseshoe so we can go to the dance party right after. Is that worth it? Is that a good spot to watch the parade? What about the party after - will it continue as soon as the parade is over or will it take a while to get the Characters back?

Also - any other helpful advice about the MVMCP? This will be our first hard ticket event and I want to get the most out of it! We'll have our 5, 3, & 1 year olds with us.

There are planters near Pecos Bill's that are kinda the "Liner secret" It's a great spot to watch the parade. You should be able to hit the DH party either before or after the parade. I think I remember stopping in later in the evening.

When I went last year, I waited in the dwarfs line starting at 6pm while my DH and DS went off and rode some attractions. I was 3rd or 4th in line. So we were able to get our pics with the dwarfs done by 7:15pm so we didn't miss too much of MVMCP. The boys were gung ho on low waits for attractions, so we hit up alot of those. Got our free cookies and hot chocolate.

Get a good spot for the fireworks. Due to my family not heeding my advice, we got stuck in Liberty Square and while it was OK, it was NOT a good place to view them.


Make sure that you have a relaxing day before the party and that the kiddos (and you) have had a good nap beforehand. Nothing worse than spending the extra money on a hard-ticket event and having everyone cranky and ready to leave by 8:30.


Yes - I've built in a long nap time! I want to make it to midnight - but I'm not really betting on it. LOL. We're going to try!!