Where to watch new MK Fireworks

Alright, so I need some input. My husband and I are going to Disney in June which means we will definitely be seeing the new MK fireworks show (sad we’re missing Wishes). My husband is definitely NOT a big Disney fan. We’re going because of me. So I’m trying to plan our trip to balance his time in the parks, and I’m working pretty hard to make sure that he has a good time. On MK day, he is going to head off in the early afternoon for a round of golf. Then, the plan was to meet back at our campsite to change for dinner and head to California Grill for a 9pm reservation - allowing us to go up early and either get a table with a view or watch the fireworks from the observation deck and then sit down for dinner.

My new concern, though, is that the new fireworks show appears to be castle projection heavy. So a few questions:

  1. For those who have seen fireworks from California Grill, can you see the castle projections (I believe there were some in the Wishes show)? Obviously they will be far off, but what angle are you seeing?

  2. I’m contemplating moving our reservation to earlier in the evening (like a 7pm) or moving it to another outside of the park restaurant and then heading back to MK and coming in to the park for the fireworks show. Keeping in mind that we don’t need perfect firework viewing, would that be a terrible idea?

I know that outside of the park is never going to be as good as Main Street, but I’m willing to compromise my view of the show if it means keeping my husband from being overwhelmed by crowds and enjoying a pleasant evening together.

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None of the “outside of the park” locations will give you much of a view of the castle projections due to distance. The only place to really see them will be on MS - which is a stressful experience at best, especially if DH doesn’t like crowds. If you take that option, plan on being back in the MK 30-60 minutes before the start of the show and find a location just inside of the train station - and beat feet AS SOON AS it’s over to get ahead of the surging mass of people trying to get to the monorail or ferry. If I was solo, that is probably what I would do, but with your DH in tow, I think keeping your CG ADR is probably the best bet.

Hmmmm, that sounds like a good idea bswan. It will be our first view of MK fireworks, but DH and I don’t like crowds either. We want kids 7 and 11 to be able to see the projections though. Too far away for them? I almost feel like beating the crowd will be worth it :grimacing:

I had the chance to spend about an hour with the MK fireworks crew a couple of months ago. They said that they loved the new show and have been rehearsing it at 3:00am for months. They said that there are lasers and projections and the show is best watched- as designed- from the hub area. I know that does not help with crowds.

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Thank you all! I set up a reservation at Narcoosee’s at 7 and am just going to let him decide. He is an engineer. So my strategy is going to be to show him the promo videos for Happily Ever After. He actually may find it impressive from a technical point of view and choose to brave MS near the exit after an earlier dinner. Either way, it’s hard for MK fireworks to be anything but memorable!

And the “hub” is? In front of the castle? How far in advance do you have to park yourself there? Are people standing waiting or sitting? Yesterday we waited an hour and a half for a helicopter Easter egg hunt drop, and I kept thinking this is what Disney will be like. Sort of brutal. I’m contemplating bring deodorant to pass out to the masses that might forget theirs that day :smirk: I was gagging. We were packed in like sardines, people jockeying for a closer spot.

Yes, the hub is in font of the castle. The fireworks are designed to "frame " the castle. I will admit I enjoyed watching Wishes from behind the castle- less crowds and they seem closer- but some are in front if you- some behind-

During Preisent’s week we walk towards the from the of the castle around 20 minutes before the show. At that time all walking area is filled with people. If you are willing to stand and wait you can find a space. Yes, there will be a lot of people.