Where to stay with 2yr old & 4yr old with 4day hoppers?

We are going 6 days at the end of June leading up to July 4th week and I’m looking for convenience and availability. I’m up for a split stay if needed - 3/3

We can use a military discount or FL res. discount and just want somewhere easy to get back to for daytime naps/rest for the littles. Any ideas?

This month?

kids that age. I would stay on the Monorail if you can. If you have a military discount - perhaps Shades of Green.

This REALLY comes down to availability and budget.

1 - Monorail hotel
2 - Wilderness Lodge
3 - Epcot area resort (if you are doing epcot / Studios). Yacht / Beach / Boardwalk.

If your budget is like most (and me). Try also the SWAN / DOLPHIN. They aren’t as “disney” as you may like - but they are less expensive (however parking is $20 / day) and the location is great.

As you go to moderate / budget - the convenience goes down a bit - but as you are FL - I assume you would have a car.

If you are doing all parks - there will not be one area that is most convenient for all. But in reality - none are too far away.

My first move would be to call and see what they have available with the military discount… it’s pretty random availability, in my experience but the discount is pretty hefty and could very well make your choice for you. I agree with Tigger613’s rankings above, though those will ALL be deluxe level resorts.

If you’re looking for something less expensive, we used the military discount at the Fort Wilderness cabins last year and it was excellent… we got nearly half off (it’s called a moderate, and priced midway between moderate and deluxe), plus it meant we had a full fridge/freezer and microwave, and dishes. They have an internal bus system (bummer), but you can also use golf carts to get around. You pay something like $50/day for a golf cart and then you’re not beholden to bus schedules or routes. It’s got a boat to MK/monorail, and buses everywhere else. The big downside is that the pool is the most boring pool at WDW and the QS food place is lacking (bth in selection and hours) because most people do things like cereal and such at their cabin or campers.