Where to stay, where oh where to stay?

So going down with a total of 4-5 ladies around 49 or so.

What would be a moderately posh place for us to stay and why do you love it?
Skyliner or monorail (or wilderness as that is monorail adjacent).

I’d really like at least one separate room (to house those who snore).
It can be off property I guess but I love an empty park at rope drop in the morning.

All I’m finding is the rooms with two doubles and that pull down bed. We are not children and will not fit on that.

Have you looked at Swan Reserve? They have suites there that I hear are reasonably priced


Is anyone connected to the DoD - retired military, etc?

They’ve could reserve at Shades of Green, near the Poly. They’ve got large rooms and a few suites. Folks that are eligible to reserve can reserve up to 3 rooms if memory serves.

Reservations very far out are good.

If you’ve got a short person - like 5’ 3" or under - the length would be ok on the pull down bed. However it would be rather narrow for me cuz I’m rather Pooh sized. :blush:.

The two or three moderates I’ve been in lately have queen size beds.

The Royal Rooms at Riverside are fun

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I’ll do some research. We walked there from the skyliner in an attempt to play mini golf. That has not come up in my searches as it looks like packages are required. My friend has been gifted some tickets!

The real question is how many bathrooms are you going to want?

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I don’t think any of us are connected to the military at all. I’ll ask the group. Thanks!

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For Swan, Dolphin & Swan Reserve, you can book through Bonvoy (Marriott) as a room, not package.


Or certain DoD employment also.


One was fine with three of us earlier but two would be better in terms of showering and getting ready in the morning.

Or at least if the toilet and the shower are not in the same room. That’s actually more useful.

Last time we had a kitchenette and it was helpful to have the two sinks.

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How is this helpful with bathroom/hygiene/getting ready needs

(I have weird rules about kitchen sink v bathroom sink :laughing: )


You won’t brush your teeth at the kitchen sink?


We weren’t using the kitchen sink for food/eating. We had no food in the room, just water in the fridge.

We were at Saratoga Springs. The room was a bit small for three adult women. The balcony was nice.

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OMG absolutely NOT!


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That’s different

Ok by me but different :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I knew an old lady who was like this. She insisted that bathroom germs needed to stay in the bathroom and kitchen germs needed to stay in the kitchen. I can kind of see why someone might do that but for me it’s :man_shrugging:.

Have you considered renting DVC at a 1-bedroom at either Beach Club, Boardwalk, or Riviera? That would give you two rooms plus Skyliner access. Some of the rooms accommodate 5 more comfortably. The recently refurbished rooms have a Murphy bed in the living room so you’d have a King in one bedroom and a Queen in the other, plus one more sleeping surface in the 5-occupancy (but this would probably be a pull-down bed).

Not sure what your price range is. The other option would be two rooms at a Moderate resort or two Studios at a DVC resort.

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Thank you. I will look into these. I’ve always wanted to stay at Boardwalk. But the Riviera is not a place I’ve checked out before. This is super helpful.

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Maybe keep an eye out if a dedicated DVC rental came up that worked for you?

We are looking at renting DVC. But my friend has 40% off a Disney resort for our stay. I’m thinking we can’t do DVC then.

Are there any place at Boardwalk or Riviera or Caribbean Beach that have two separate sleeping areas that aren’t DVC?

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Caribbean Beach with 40% off sounds like two connecting rooms.

We did this in 2018 - better pricing back then - with a military discount. Each room was about $158/night before taxes.

We also had connecting Royal rooms at Riverside in 2012 with military discount.

I prefer the Riverside food court but like Caribbean Beach better. Guess it’s the theming.


I agree with doing two rooms. You could do any of those three resorts, but Caribbean Beach will almost certainly be the least expensive.

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