Where to stay pre AKL


I have 7 nights booked at AKL with deluxe DP followed by 7 nights at Universal’s HRH. So that we can enjoy AKL and the dining plan, I am going to extend our stay by booking another WDW hotel for 5 nights, without a DP, before the AKL stay. The plan is to hit the parks hard during these days. I will be travelling with DD24 and DS20. Following @profmatt recent research, I suggested Pop, but DD isn’t feeling the ‘near ESPN’ location. She think that she and DS20 would have more fun near Epcot or Disney Spings ( I think that they are planning to pack this old girl off to bed and have ‘fun’ in the late evenings😉). Do the Epcot bars shut when the parks shut? Would Disney Springs have more options for evening drinks or A.Another?


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’d choose POFQ. Not that much more expensive than POP, boat to Disney Springs, and just one bus stop.


Epcot bars close at 9. The bars on the Boardwalk will stay open until 11 (Bluezoo) or 12. The bars at DS (Raglan at least) are open until 1:00, maybe longer some nights?


Old Key West. They have boat service to Disney Springs and a very good restaurant on site. I’ve never had a bad room or experience there (if you don’t count the family adjoining our studio who thought is was cool to let their kids scream and yell at the top of their lungs at six in the morning). It’s pretty spread out, but there are numerous bus stops throughout the resort.


Oh! I think I assumed you were looking for a value or moderate. If you are open to other ideas, renting points at Saratoga would allow you to walk to Disney Springs ( preferred room Congress Park- non preferred Paddock).


That is the plan because it is supposed to be an out all day/ just bed for the night, 5 nights before AKL. But I am easily swayed!:wink:


I have managed to find return flights from the UK with BA for £408 for me and DS. Also for DD24 flights from UK to Newark then Orlando back to the UK for £480 plus a flight from Newark to Orlando with Delta for US$100. The trip is slowly coming together. I have thousands of Avios points but have no clue how to use them.


If you’re looking for nightlife, I’d do DS. More options.

I’d do POR or FQ if I was booking through WDW or an agent. No need to pay delux prices if you’ll be at the park most of the time and it’s just a place to sleep. I’d consider OKW or SS if you’re willing to rent DVC points, as that brings the price down a lot.


Pop is £510 ($670) for 5 nights, POR £950 ($1245) and OKW £1159 ($15O5). Uber/Lyft for young nightowls wouldn’t cost $500 I don’t think and we ARE doing RD no matter what time they come in.:wink:


Wow!! Didn’t know there was that much difference.


Are you sticking with Pop?


I don’t have any advice, but it sounds like a blast!!! How in the world do three adults take 19 days in a row off of work / real life? I’m jealous :slight_smile:


DD is consulting the UG now. She is thinking that we should do RD to close in the parks during our first 5 days and then relax, enjoy nice meals and late night drinks during the AKL stay ( plus more park time of course). And she reminded me that when we stay at HRH she and her brother can enjoy nighttime entertainment at City Walk.


I am retired. DS20 is a student and DD has decided to resign from work because she wants to do a third season as a camp division leader at a U.S. summer camp and then visit WDW and HHNs. She and her brother have been planning a visit to HHNs for years but wanted to wait until DS is 21 and can drink. Young people can drink alcohol here from the age if 18 (16 with an adult in a restaurant and at any age at home ) and DS has been mightily peeved during our recent trips to the U.S. when not able to drink. …and I am paying. Maternal swansong😉


Most people in the UK get between 5 and 8 weeks holiday per annum. 5 to 6 is probably the norm. Plus in some cases bank/ public holidays.


Yes, I have a dear friend who lives in London and enjoys oodles of vacation time each year. I actually have three weeks, which is really generous in corporate America, but I struggle to take more than two or three days in one stretch due to workload. Aaaahhhhh, retirement! :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


More AKL!


Don’t give DD any ideas. The problem with WDW is that the holiday takes on a life of its own. Another few hundred here, some more there…oh what the heck😉.


So … a few months ago I booked a UK package directly with Disney. 7 days at AKL, Savannah view plus 14 day park hopper tickets for the price of 7 days, memory maker and dining plan which I up graded to deluxe. Later I added Club level ( I know…don’t shout at me😉). I also booked 7 nights at HRH CLfor HHN. I recently wanted to add another 5 nights pre AKL so I telephoned Disney yesterday to establish whether, if I booked another 5 nights, I could bring the start date of the tickets forward. Big No ( I pay attention to you folks so I telephoned twice to make sure that the CMs gave the same answer ). But I was able to bring my whole package forward ( including the tickets) by 5 nights, so I did that and then added an in between 5 nights. I went around in circles for hours, studiously read old threads (thank you again) and THE Book, considered Pop and AofA but eventually booked FQ. So now I have 5 nights FQ, 7 nights AKL with Deluxe DP (I think that this gives us 8 days to chomp our way through the table credits) then 7 nights HRH. Then I turned my attention to the flights. The UK flights arrive around 15.30 so, by the time one makes it to the hotel, a wasted day so…I booked the flights a day earlier and now I need to book somewhere cheap and cheerful for just one night , basically a pillow before turning up at AKL the next day, first thing in the morning to collect our magic bands and hit the parks. DS20 will travel with me and I am hiring a car from MCO but DD24 will arrive from N.Y. so I am thinking of booking the cheapest WDW hotel for that first night so that she can use Magical Express whenever she arrives. It seems to me that WDW hotels are safer for a young women spending, most of a day alone. (Yes I know she has travelled all over the world with friends, travelled from N.Y. to Boston alone last year and will manage N.Y. to Orlando on her own, but Mother’s worries are often irrational☺) What do you think? One night in an All Star?


We stayed at All Star Sports and loved it. We will be back for our silver anniversary in 5 years and plan on staying at Movies. The bed was comfortable the room was clean and the buses were a short wait what, else do you really need. Oh the pool was great and the food was good also.