Where to stay - Oct 2022

Hello all knowing Liners!

Planning a trip for October 2022 and need help with deciding where to stay. I’m considering Dolphin, Caribbean Beach or maybe French Quarter.

Travel party is myself and three teenagers. After spending two days at Universal, we will do MK, HS, and Epcot. Will have a car but would prefer to use Disney transportation for getting to and from the parks. No one shares a bed anymore, so we need two queens and space for two air mattress. Right now I’m leaning towards Caribbean Beach with the pull down and one air mattress.

French Quarter sounds fun, but I’m not sure if the rooms will accommodate two air mattresses.

Any help would be appreciated! I change my mind every time I start researching.

I love French Quarter but I can’t see 2 air mattresses fitting.

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We have stayed at all 3 of your options, there would be room for 1 air mattress, but not 2, at FQ. Dolphin rooms seem a bit larger, but I still think only 1 air mattress will fit. As for CBR, my DD19 slept on the pull down bed last time we stayed there, she was 16 I think. It is meant for younger children, not really teens, but she made it work. She had to curl up, she is 5ft 6in. We did have the air mattress with us and she did choose the pull down bed even with it’s short length (but she has no sleep issues and can sleep on the hard floor without anything if she is tired. I could never do that).
Location wise, Dolphin is superior. Being able to walk to HS and EP is great, the Skyliner in fine but takes a long time (long, long lines, not the actual time in the air) so walking is our preferred way to ensure beating the crowds before park open.

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Thanks, @missoverexcited. That is helpful.

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Thanks, @Wahoohokie. Dolphin seems like a good choice for location and space. It’s the transportation to MK that might be the hurdle with their bus now going to the TTC.

Caribbean Beach seems good with the pull down and resort theme. But I guess the Skyline isn’t as quick and easy as I had thought.

Thank you for the info!

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If you stay at Dolphin you have 2 good choices for MK if you want to avoid being dropped off at the TTC. You could walk over to Boardwalk and take their MK bus, or if that isn’t comfortable, drive yourselves since you will have a car. Make an ADR for breakfast at the Wave, or Chef Mickeys, and then walk over after. We have done this many, many times. Never an issue leaving the car there for the day. If we leave for a break, we will ride the buses back to the resort- in the case of Dolphin would take the bus to the Boardwalk and walk over. Then bus back (if not in a hurry might just use Dolphin transportation and then take monorail or boat over to MK). Car is in the perfect place at the end of the night, just walk back over to CR. Easy peasy!

It was pre-Covid. Super fast. But now they only let 1 party per car, and also they won’t open it early to keep people from lining up outside the parks. Hopefully by your trip, that will all be done and they will be efficient again. Right now it is great if you aren’t concerned about being at the parks before the huge crowds, or don’t mind waiting quite awhile after the parks close.


Does the Skyliner open at 10am for the Epcot line? I’m going to be heading to HS around that time from BCV and wondering if that is a good option for getting to HS.

I agree. We were at POFQ in March 2020 and I can’t see how two air mattresses would fit. Too bad because we really like it there!

So will Dolphin qualify for the 30 min on-site early entry?

ETA: “Most likely, yes”

is far as I know French Quarter is not available in Oct of this year

If you miss Flight of Passage in AK Pandora you will kick yourself big time.

@DocHopper October 2022

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got you. Sorry didn’t look close enough

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Thanks @cconng. It looks like a great resort, but my budget won’t allow for two rooms there. But good to know - this info helped eliminate one choice.

@DocHopper. Pandora and the much loved Tree would be cool. But my kids aren’t interested in AK. At all. And - for me - Disney is all about my kids.

Looks like the choices are down to Dolphin and CBR. Assuming things will be closer to normal by Oct 2022, I’m still leaning toward CBR.

Are the Minnie Vans a permanent casualty of C19? Or is this still a wait and see. Sorry - once I cancelled the Oct 2020 trip I didn’t bother to keep up with all the changes.

It says temporary but who knows?

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They liquidated the fleet at one point, but there have been subtle hints that it might come back. I think someone saw a report of signage being brought out or something? It was a popular service at the time so it’s definitely possible it will be back in 2022 at some point.

I think so, but not sure exactly what time they start that line. We just walk or take the boat.

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It seems like they’re getting ready to bring the Minnie Vans back sooner rather than later.