Where to stay for Girls' Trip with 7?

We’re planning a birthday celebration trip for early October and are wondering about on-site accommodations for 7 of us (all adults). Would two adjoining rooms somewhere be best? Or a DVC rental? Do the cabins at Ft. Wilderness hold 7? We don’t want to break the bank but are open to ideas. Thanks!

FtW cabins will not hold 7 adults. Among your other choices, cost will vary greatly. You need to decide, how many beds you need, how much time are you going to spend in the room, and how much money are you willing to spend.

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Holy moly that would be tight. Nope. Wouldn’t do it.

I had to plan for 6 adults and 2 children back in 2015. It ended up that adjoining/connecting rooms at POP made the most sense for us financially. That meant each set of 2 adults got a bathroom. We were mostly in the parks, so the room itself was for sleep/shower. Pool was minimally important. There are no hot tubs at the values. So if that is important, cross the values off the list immediately.

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Remember values are only double beds, is that an issue for anyone? Queens would give you a bit more space. Check out DVC if you’re looking at moderates or Delux. As a group with no children you probably won’t be in your resort much, so I’d go with the cheapest. Is camping an option?

Pop is now queen beds since the refurb.


Are all of you guys willing to share beds? Meaning 2 people per each bed? Or do you need more sleeping surfaces?

I would think 2 value rooms is the cheapest! But if you want some space a DVC rental would probably be nice. However, you’ll need to book soon!

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Thanks - There are 2 sets of sisters in our group so I’m guessing they would be willing to share beds. We might need 3 value rooms, but then the ones who want their own bed could pay a little more. Good idea!

That’s good to know, suddenly POP is far more appealing

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