Where to spend last day?

I’m about a month out from our trip. Staying at BW. flight out is 7pm, so I am figuring we should be back for MDE by 3pm-4pm?
day 1 HS, day 2 MK, day 3 EP (pm EMH), day 4 MK (pm EMH), day 5 AK. day 6??
havent been before, know that FoP is the hot ticket, so originally made FPP for AK on both days 5 and 6, so we could do it twice.
reviewing all my TP. barring major hiccups, it sure pencils out that we’re getting everything in that we want to do. other than a 2nd time on FoP, I think we can do AK in one full day if we want, at least all the major stuff.
so now I am second guessing what to do on the last day. Stick with my AK FPP and just enjoy some extra time there? start there, do FoP, then double back to EP or HS since its so close to our hotel? skip AK all together and maybe hit our favorite HS one more time since we only have the first day planned out there?
I know you can’t decide for me, but would love some input, maybe something I hadn’t thought of?

I would keep the AK fast passes, because they’re the hardest ones to get. Then see how you feel about it when you finish your first AK day. If you want to go back, you’re prepared. If you feel like doing something else, you will probably be able to switch your FPs for the next day.


I agree with @SallyEppcot. I like to let our family vote on the last park day. In fact, we don’t usually even let them know that we’re going back to a park and then surprise them with it and ask “which one do you guys want to visit one last time?” Usually, it’s MK, but this year I’m expecting that AK and FoP may make a strong running… and I’ll be prepared for that with FoP FP’s booked for our last day. If they choose AK, I’m prepared. If they go with MK, there’s nothing there that they love that we can’t get morning of.

We are doing our 2nd AK day on our depart day with an 8pm flight

We’re a big fan of leaving the last day open and voting on where to go/what to due. I know it stinks to not have Fast Passes but we want the feeling to be relaxed and spur of the moment anyway. Since I plan all of the other days, this day is the choice of the group.

Personally, we never do MK on last day, just because it’s the most difficult to get in and out of due to having to pass through the TTC and we fly so those extra steps cause me stress.

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Definitely Epcot since you’re staying at BW. Take advantage of your location. Plus you’ll be there during Flower and Garden. Wouldn’t even be a choice for me.

Much to consider! I personally always end our last day at MK, it’s just me saying good bye type thing. My sister does as well, but again, total personal preference. If you want to stick with AK I am sure you can get everything done in that time frame!

We always end at Magic Kingdom for the exact same reason you said. It’s usually our first and last park of our Disney trips.