Where to relax

Two adults heading to the world with one day per park. The plan is to be in the parks for full days. We are eating at a table service restaurant each day, so that will provide a happy little slow down to a busy day.

Would love to know, though - where are some spots people suggest in the parks to pull off to the side or duck away from the crowds and take a break? I’ve seen lots online about quiet spots in WS at EP (but please share personal tips). I’d love to know tips or suggestions for MK, AK and DHS.

Also we are doing Universal for a day - so even though this is a WDW thread, if you have tips for Universal, they are welcome too.

Quiet spots in MK - Hall of Presidents, Carousel of Progress, even Philharmagic.

Also, on Main Street, there is a little side-street dead end at the end of which are a few tables with umbrellas. I had a nice sit-down there for a while during my solo time, sipping an iced tea from Main Street Bakery. It is there that you can overhear dance and singing lessons from the windows above :heart

It’s not a climate-controlled area but it is away from the hustle and bustle while still on the edge of it. I enjoyed that little spot.

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One of my favorites to soak up sun, and ppl watch:
Get a dole whip or p-float from aloha isle.
Walk over towards Aladdin’s carpets on the Tiki Room side. There is a row of bench seating along a wall, and the wall is about chest high. Sit on the wall, enjoy your dole treat, and watch ppl riding aladdin and getting camel spit on them, and also the ppl walking by.

I love that spot, too!

This is two years old so I don’t know if it’s still like this, but:

Also the path between Space Mountain and the Fantasyland RR Station.

I believe that is one of the few smoking areas these days. That used to be my favorite place!

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Universal is fantastic. So if you CAN stay there for the evening - that way you get early access and EP (if you stay Delux). Otherwise - get there early. Go to HP ASAP. If you are a HP fan - you must get Park Hopper so you can do both areas. Otherwise - if not - just pick one side and enjoy.

You will NOT see all of both parks in one day - so don’t try.

There is a great sitdown - Mythos - on the US side near HP. Very nice sit down

Definitely a smoking area. Choked me a bit while waiting for Barnstormer as the wind was "just right "

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Yeah it’s going to have to happen in a day - our priority will be Harry Potter, though. Anything else that gets added in will just be icing on the cake. I started a thread here (Universal Must-dos) to see what else we should try to put in. Would love your input.

At epcot universe if energy is a great spot to relax a bit.

Mk mentioned hall of presidents. philharmagic and carousel of prigress. Also liberty boat and tom sawyer island can be nice too

Hs. Great movie ride and one mans dream are good spots. Shows like under the sea and beaty and the beast

Ak its tough to be a bug flights of wonder. Festival of the loin king nemo

This thread reminds me of the WDW DVD they sent out in 2005 with Dave, who was the leisure guy. Does anyone remember that? He sat on park benches and rode the lazy river. We still talk about Dave in our household. In fact, we watched it before we left on our last trip to see how much had changed and to enjoy Dave’s leisureness. :slight_smile:

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One word of warning about the Liberty Belle: it is most definitely relaxing - and if you catch the first boat out you might be one of only a few passengers on board - but there is no seating so be aware you will be either standing while you relax or sitting on the floor.

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Ah what a great thread! Here are my suggestions:

MK: Outside the PotC bathrooms (don’t laugh - it’s shaded and out of the way); top floor of Columbia Harbor House; porch area outside of Country Bear Jamboree; PeopleMover (they may even let you do another round without getting off the ride).

EP: The back of the UK pavilion, near where the band performs; the walkway to the old Odyssey restaurant (the shaded areas); back of the Japan pavilion; inside the Morocco exhibit on clothing (AC and power plugs); around the back of the building with Club Cool (sometimes there’s a hallway open with benches and an Epcot history mural); in between Ellen’s Energy Adventure and Mission: Space (by the old Wonders of Life pavilion).

DHS: Haven’t found a good spot with all of the land closures - sorry!

AK: Marajarah Jungle Trek; Nomad Lounge (at least before Pandora opens, it’s been nice!); Harambe Market area (there are some more secluded eating areas); Flame Tree BBQ by the lake.

On the lower level there are some “white boxes” where you can sit on the bow of the Liberty Belle. If the goal is rest, making a bee line for those is likely wise as they may be one of the few sitting options on board.

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