Where to park at Disney Springs(DTD)?

We have a Reservation at T-Rex at 4 PM Sep 3rd, I know great time, but that's all I could get even 6 Mos out. Valet parking starts at 4PM and is at the opposite end of DTD from T-Rex. Should we just try it earlier or does anyone have a suggestion on where to park. We are on a tight schedule for my Grandson's 6th Birthday!

I don't have any suggestions about parking, but did you try calling T-Rex directly to get a different ressie time? They only release a small portion of ressies to Disney, many Liners have reported success by calling the restaurant directly to get a better time at (407) 828-8739. Good luck!


Thanks, I had not heard that. Worth a try 4 PM is way early.


Wow, that was easy. I called. Got the time I wanted and was told to cancel with Disney. No more rushing or parking issues.
Thanks So Much!