Where to go on HS rope drop

Hi - so I was curious what you would do. I have a one day for DHS in early March. I was able to get a SDD fast pass, but not until the late afternoon. Plus, we’ll definitely be after a ROTR boarding pass. So my question is - if I don’t have to worry about running to SDD first thing (and not too interested in other TSL rides), do I head straight for MFSR? Or … do I head to RnR and TOT, and then attempt MFSR when I come back in the late afternoon for SDD, or whenever my boarding pass is called? Does the decision ultimately depend on how close I am to the front at rope drop?
Also - we’ll be coming from Beach Club. I’m curious to know how well and frequent the boats are operating at 6-6:30am-ish, based on whatever experience you may have had.

Last week, we walked from Beach Club in 25 min on two different mornings (once 6am, once 6:30am). Both times, we looked to see if a boat was loading as we left, but nope. We heard they run about every 20 min so figured our chances were better walking. (A boat was arriving at HS at 6:25am when we arrived, but not sure when it left.). We tried to take one back one night but it reached capacity a couple families ahead of us so we walked.

If missing MFSR wouldn’t be a huge deal for you, the efficient thing is to watch wait times rather than RD. If it is, you’ll need to weigh the options.

MFSR was the priority for us after RotR, followed closely by adequate sleep, so we RDed it. Arriving 35 min before park opening, we were off at 90 min after park opening. We had one full day (sans midday break) and two partial days (one morning, one evening) for HS, and got to ride all the major rides at least once and saw most of the shows so we’re happy with that decision. (There was an issue with our IJ show that gained us an extra FP for RnRC and we picked up a 4th for ToT, and had prebooked SDD and TSM on different days.)

If you want to RD MFSR with minimal wait, advice I read was to be there 90 min before park opening. Our first evening there, we didn’t see waits under an hour except while we were at Fantasmic. If you don’t plan to go to a fireworks show, waits then will likely be lower, but you’re kind of stuck at that point if they’re not. Or if it goes down late in the day.

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If I were you I would hit ToT and RNRC at RD. I would also keep trying to modify SDD FP up that day. You should also book two other FPs for shows or whatever and at least tap in so that after SDD you can grab more FPs if you want. We did not ride MFSR on our trip a few weeks ago but we did everything else in that park. It seems the best time to ride MFSR is early afternoon though when crowds die down a little

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