Where to go for Date Night?

DH and I will have a chance to go out one evening while we’re in WDW in early December. We’re wanting to go out to dinner for sure…we could also add another day onto our tickets for just $10 each and head into a park (not MK because it will be a party night). We’ll already have spent two days each in Epcot and AK and one in HS, so I’m not sure if we’ll want to go back into a park for a date night? Maybe just go to Disney Springs? What would you do with 4-5 hours without the kids?

I already asked on chat, but where would you go for dinner? My in-laws are going to let us use 2 of their dining credits. We will not be doing much TS on this trip other than a couple of character meals. Any and all recommendations welcome!


What kind of food do you want. How about something on the boardwalk and then you can walk back to Epcot. You can also pick one of the restaurants in the World Showcase.

We are really not picky people. We’re not foodies but we’ve traveled internationally a lot so like trying new foods. We’re not big on “weird” stuff…snails, kale, octopus, candy-covered grasshoppers, etc., would be right out. Neither of us like sushi a whole lot. I can’t do much dairy so a lot of Italian food is out for me. A lot of people recommended The Wave and Raglan Road. The French place in Epcot got a nod.

Wondering if people would just go to Disney Springs and eat and wander there. Eat at a monorail restaurant and hang on the beach to watch Holiday Wishes. Or spend their date night in a park. I hate having to make dining plans this far in advance…DH is like, can’t we just decide the day before? and I’m like, nope, sorry, kinda have to make a decision by the end of May. Or at least make one non-park ressie and one park ressie. But which ones? Too many choices for those of us who haven’t been in so long!

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Why not Cape may cafe. Seafood that is normal. Also walking distance from International Gateway.
Flying Fish would take two credits for each of you.

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I think Disney Springs could be a fun evening. Raglan Road, Morimoto or Homecomin’ would be my top choices. You probably could look for reservations once you get to Florida. Make a choice now as a placeholder, so you have a fall back ADR, but let your husband scroll through what’s available the day before if he wants. There’s often a lot of cool ADRs available the day before because people cancel.


Isn’t Moromito 2 dining credits per person?

I don’t think so, but I could be wrong.

It is one for lunch, two for dinner. I will say Raglan for dinner and entertainment.


Even in mid-December you think we’d be safe to make a night-before decision? I think I will make some kind of ressie now, though, just in case…

I read DH the menu last night…he approved. And said he wants to go there just to hear me speak in an Irish accent…which of course I would never do, lol!

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Definitely make a reservation now! You never know how things will end up, so it’s good to have something. I just mean it might be fun to look the day before or the day of your date. You might find something interesting.


To the Disney Springs question…yes! We love Disney Springs, particularly in the evening. The atmosphere is a great place to hold hands and wander around together, stealing a kiss every now and then. The smells, the lights, the music, the shopping.

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I’m sold. It was the part about stealing a kiss that got me. :joy::grimacing::joy:

:blush: have a great time! And sneak in plenty of those kisses!

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I asked a similar questions in this thread, in case you are interested:

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If you two like steak you could probably get an ADR at California Grill and watch the fireworks from up there during or after your meal. It’s a signature restaurant so it takes 2 credits but it might be worth coming out of pocket a little bit for the experience.

My wife and I are doing that for our date night and using the two credits to play for the $75 19oz rib-eye. The steak is massive and comes with the aged gouda mac-n-cheese that is supposed to be out of this world good. We figure could split the meal and come out of pocket for appetizers and drinks and still leave very satisfied.

Everything I’ve read has said that CG is over the top good and the view of Magic Kingdom from up there is supposed to be awesome. We can’t wait to go!

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Will you have their magic band so you can use their credits? EP is nice place to wander around.

If you want to splurge, you might try a couples massage at one of Disney’s spas. A little relaxation in the middle of the hectic nature of Disney could be very welcome.

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Of course!

@lbellemare thanks, I’ll check it out!

@dberry872 I forget that you can share on the DDP! That might be a really good idea. DH and I used to go out and share a lot when we lived in the States…one appetizer, two salads, one entree, and one dessert was usually plenty for us. Cheaper and we didn’t leave stuffed to the gills!

@Tate yes, we’ll have their magic bands. I love Epcot…I’m thinking we may end up there if we decide to add a park day. It sounds better to me than AK…

@mikeandkelli that does sound nice! I will investigate it!