Where to go first at Magic Kingdom?

First time at Disney World, could really use the help!

Our current Touring Plan includes FastPass for next Tuesday: Splash Mountain 10:09, Space Mountain 11:28, Seven Dwarfs 6:00. This has us going to Peter Pan for our very first ride.

We have a breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest for 8:20 and I just realized today we can pre-order to make the meal go even faster. If we had a quick meal and could get to any ride we want early, would it make sense to get to Seven Dwarfs first, cancel the evening FastPass and book something else like Haunted Mansion in the early afternoon? Or stick with current plan, be first at Peter Pan, and go along with the rest of the optimized Touring Plan?

Thanks in advance!

Suggest keep your evening 7DMT FPP.
After breakfast, you should have time to get in a ride on 7DMT before the masses, then hop over to Peter pan as per the plan. Rerun your TP to start at 8:15 am to allow for this.
As for the 7 DMT FPP, you have two options:

  1. change 7DMT to something different now
  2. Keep the 7DMT FPP for now. Then if you love 7DMT you’ll be able to ride it again in the evening. And if you don’t love 7DMT, you can go ahead and change your FPP on your phone using the MDE app (or at a kiosk) that morning while you’re at the park. HM often has evening FPP available.

If the park opens at 9:00 I would start my plan at 9:15. You do know you will be able to enter MK around 7:45? You will be in line for 7DMT before they allow anyone on.

Another option: I do not really care for 7DMT- I prefer only to ride it at night so I did PP, then headed to Pooh and Space. I was able to ride Space more than once all before 9:30.

What is it about 7DMT that you don’t care for? I’ve never been on it so I’m just curious

I say keep the 7DMT FP. You never know if you might be running late and not get to it in the morning. If you do, you can either ride twice that day, or change it on the spot. I would go with Peter Pan, Pooh, anything else you want in Fantasyland and/or Haunted Mansion, then Big Thunder Mountain before your Splash FP.

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Great thank you, this was extremely helpful

Yes - definitely keep the 7DMT fast pass. If there’s any chance you would want to ride it twice you’ll need the FP as it’s the longest wait in the park since it’s the newest “E Ticket ride”. It’s a fun ride with a lot of nice new automation features well integrated into the ride. It’s not an incredible thrill ride, but it’s fun. The downside is the wait as it’s quite popular, but with the breakfast and FP you can avoid that issue.

I agree with the others to do 7DMT first thing after breakfast and then Peter Pan. Pooh can be a wait so riding it while in Fantasyland likely makes sense as well before heading towards Splash and potentially catching Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder on the way…

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It is “ok”, it is just that there is so much I love at MK it is not something I will go out of my way for. At RD I usually head to Space. At night, with the lights and the smooth track I think it rides a little different (like big thunder and Everest) so I will ride it then but it never makes my daytime plans.

It depends what your goal for your first trip is. If it’s to see as many attractions as possible, then seeing a bunch of headliners first thing in the morning is the best way to accomplish that.

Regardless, if you’re eating at Be Our Guest and you can finish your meal by around 8:40 (meaning, leaving the restaurant before 8:45), then head right to 7DMT and ride before the crowds arrive. You should be done before 9:00 and then can start with whatever your optimized touring plan recommends. Peter Pan is a great choice, because lines get really long later on and it’s a great example of a classic Disney attraction that should help set the mood for later in the day.

I’d keep the 7DMT FPP for later in the day, too, since you may want to ride again (or, in case the ride is broken first thing in the morning) and you’ll be able to get FPP for just about anything else in the park on the day you’re there.

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We loved 7dmt! For my son, it was his favorite ride in all of MK. I am also a big Space Mtn fan, but 7DMT surpassed Just about everything else for me. The ride I didn’t get was Peter Pans flight. We had a fast pass for that, but we all agreed that we would never have waited in the 90 minute stand by line for that. We waited an hour for first 7DMT, then had a baby swap fast pass that allowed my son and one other member of our party to ride again with me.