Where to find the Dapper Dans?

I have them in my plan… but where exactly do I go to find them? Wander up and down main street looking for guys in pinstripes? It’s in my personalized plan right after the Peoplemover. Thanks! :notes:

I am not positive. But i think i saw them about halfway down mainstreet. Anyone??

We’ve often seen them closer to Town Square - near the Barber Shop and Fire Department but the WDW website lists them mid-way down Main Street so I suppose they might travel but we’ve never seen them anyplace else. They are wonderful - we always stop to listen to them.

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I have usually seen them about half way down Main Street on the left if I am walking towards the castle.

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I have a related question. Touringplans notes that the Dapper Dans occasionally perform at the Main Street Trolley Parade. Is this the norm? For instance, our Touring Plan has us watching the Dapper Dans and then seeing the Trolley show 15 minutes later. Is this two separate shows? For all the love I see for the Dapper Dans on Facebook and Instagram, are there any fan sites out there? I couldn’t really find any.

Good question, but I don’t know the answer.
In the end, we missed the dapper dans but caught a brass band playing at the big circle in front of the castle.