Where to find hourly crowd level charts?

Someone on Facebook posted a screen cap of hourly crowd levels, but I cannot figure out how to find this on the app or website. Where do you go to see this data for your trip days?

You can find the crowd calendar here:

Then click on a date, then a park to see the charts and wait time forecasts by time of day. Here’s a link directly to today’s in MK:

That does not look quite like what she posted on Facebook… She said it was from Touring Plans, but maybe she was confused.
It looked like this:

Ooh, I hadn’t seen those. Just looked at the blog and saw mention of them back in January and December, today there’s a blog post about them

Note that the post says the following, although I haven’t gotten it to work on on my desktop yet. I’m flipping to my android to see if I can find them there!

Desktop Users If you’d like to see the heat map on your desktop screen, shrink your browser window so that it’s 900 pixels wide or less. You should see the standard Crowd Calendar presentation switch to heat maps.

I just got it to work on my desktop, wow I love this! This is an excellent feature, thanks for the link to the blog post!

You can also see this on the app. Click on “10 day” on bottom left of screen. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “view full crowd calendar”. You can then select the month you are looking to view.

That is true, @glamourgirl, but it just launches your browser and takes you to the same page on the website. Saves you the trouble, though, if you happen to be on the app!

If you tip your device (in ios) to landscape orientation, the heat maps disappear, and the information is presented the old way!

I’m almost only on the app so its much more convenient for me @solidyne and I generally don’t have a browser window open on Safari with TP already.
Wondering if I should reply to your post or just tag you…lol…I don’t spend nearly enough time on the forums!

Sometimes I would go to the app and scroll down the 10-day, as you describe, to get to the full calendar just because I couldn’t find it on the site and doing this was faster! Too lazy to bookmark, I guess. Ha, I am not used to forums either. Getting accustomed…

Well…good to know I’m not the only one still figuring out the forums a year later