Where to eat on property for Thanksgiving

Hi all - My family of 3 will be at WDW, staying at BLT, on Thanksgiving and I’m wondering where we should eat.
My original plan was Cali Grill but it appears they are closed and no info on a reopening date. I’m open to going into a park for a meal, but don’t want to do the obvious ie. Liberty Tree, Garden Grill, etc. We aren’t really traditional Thanksgiving meal type folks so we are open to a lot of options. I had been thinking something a bit more upscale for a nice meal but I’m struggling to come up with other options at this point, with so many places closed.
My dining reservation window is quickly approaching!
Send help!

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Here’s a fun post from the TP Blog last year…

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One of my all time favorites from @SteveBloom

Do it yourself Thanksgiving Dinner at MK Touring Plans Style from several years ago

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Is Disney Springs an option? Homecomin’? Boathouse?

Toyko Dining is open but with limited dining. That’s a nice quiet experience - or has been for us.

I don’t know what’s open at the Swan/Dolphin. We’ve had a quiet unhurried meal here when the World seemed swamped.

Again, unsure of current menu, Boatwrights at Riverside was good food, slow paced and interesting choices, both food and beverage.

Menus are so different these days.