Where to eat in MK when Liberty Tree is closed for Refurb

Hi all

We’re coming from the UK… had all the ADRs lined up and our first day at MK the four of us were going to have lunch at the LTT based our your great reviews…

Just read on the Dibb that it’s closed in August and had this confirmed on here too…

So now I’m stumped. Where to eat instead. My boys 5 & 7 at time of travel aren’t very adventurous with their food. They love roast dinners (chicken, pork, turkey & beef), burgers, hot dogs, nuggets etc. To complicate matters I have two in the party of four who are allergic to fish… so where is nice to eat lunch?

Not too fussed about characters, but would like a place that has a good feel about it and a tasty menu!

Thanks so much

I think the Plaza has some nice sandwiches that are well-prepared, familiar and freshly made.

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I had a decent meal at Tony’s. Far from the quality of the EP Italian restaurants, but on a par with the Olive Garden; a populare “chain” restaurant here in the states. No kids, so I didn’t pay attention to the kids menu, but I can’t imagine that they don’t have nuggets… :slight_smile: The Lady and the Tramp theming makes it kind of fun. The Plaza also gets many good reviews, but it’s been so long since I’ve eaten there, I can’t really add anything relevant to the discussion.

Crystal Palace is nice if you are ok with buffet and lots of options for kids. They did a great job walking me through for allergies to know what I could get.

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In MK I’d go with The Plaza for those sandwiches & ice cream or Crystal Palace for an amazing number of choices. Then there is Be Our Guest, which is lovely. Look up the menus of each and make your selection. Can’t go wrong with any of them, IMHO. Enjoy!

Thanks everyone. Was planning on being over at Liberty Square so was thinking maybe Diamon Horseshoe. Is that open in August?

We’ve booked Tony’s on an ADR for one evening when we are coming back in for fireworks… I’m hoping we can stand outside for the parades (as suggested on the Blog here).

Will check out the Plaza - not heard of this one.

Thanks all,

As a mom of a picky, I could live on hot dogs and nuggets little boy… We always make a stop at caseys for corn dog nuggets! So yummy and a great value in my eyes… I know its not a sit down but it’s something easy and seems like your boys would be into it :wink: happy planning!

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You think we could swing by Casey’s for corn dog nuggets and bring them into a The Plaza while the rest of us eat? I kinda like the idea of grabbing a hotdog and waiting for the parade to start also.