Where to dine before MNSSHP

Since we have annual passes now, I'm going to take DS on a surprise weekend trip Oct 18-20 to go to MNSSHP. Saturday we will go to AK then epcot fir F&W dinner (I know it will be packed). Sunday MK all day, break at the pool, then back to MK. Monday HS then home. We are staying club level a Coronado springs and dining is a big question mark on Sunday. Do we eat at maya grill after the pool or just get snacks at concierge lounge and head to MK. If that, do we have an early sit down dinner in the park (where?) or just quick counte service? I've never been to MNSSHP so I have no idea what is best. Thanks in advance.

It all sounds good! Maya is a place I always want to go to .. and never do. Eating at Deluxe Resorts is real fun for me and I love the food. You are going to sweet-tooth yourself out at MNSSHP. Eating nearby at a Monorail resort might be fun! Grand Floridian Cafe is excellent! Contempo Cafe is a great CS too.

Club Level midday foods are generally very snacky.. granola, Swedish fish or other candy and drinks.. Food comes out at 5 I believe tho, but you may already want to be in the park even tho party starts at 7.

So i'd go for Maya or even the Pepper Market at CS.. or head to GF for the GF Cafe or Contemporary Resort's Contempo Cafe... yeah not a real decision, but check out the menus online and maybe you can see something you really want.

You can enter the MK at 4pm w your party ticket. ADRs are tough to get inside the park. Have you checked for availability? I'd probably have a big lunch, be in the park at 4 with FPPs until 7, and grab CS on the fly.

Last year we got to mk around 4:30 and grabbed some corn nuggets/fries on the way in... Wanted to use all our time in the park and not sit and eat for too long. Then while waiting on first parade we did churros/ pretzels to fill us up and coat our tummies for more candy!! smile it worked out great! Thinking of hitting PH around 5:30 this mnsshp between fpp rides! We will be there 10/17 so just missing you wink

I'd eat at a monorail resort CS or TS, CHH, or LTT. Before the party.

I've never stayed, but have been told that the pm snacks in the CSR biz lounge aren't as hearty as what's offered in the CL lounges at the deluxes. If you nosh there pre-party, you'll probably want to build in a CS stop later in the evening.

We usually end up grabbing something from Pecos while waiting for the parade.

I am doing MNSSHP on 10/23, I have a lunch reservation for 2 pm at Saana, then plan on being at MK for 4ish, if I am hungry I Will either snack or get CS during the event, probably CHH if I am so inclined.

I suggest a big late lunch in a resort.

These are all great ideas. We have APs (yay!) so we will go to MK in the morning and come back to swim. We can get lunch at maya grill if we are hungry. If not, pepper market. Then back to the park between 5 and 7 for the party. Dinner can be counter service at the park. It looks like this will be my first trip without any adrs!

check the counter service availability first. some close early during the party and are not open all night.

Oh and side note.... I don't remember how old your ds is but try to take it easy that day of your mnsshp... We usually do a morning rest then pool then get to mk for party at 4! It's a fun and very long night with so much to do, you don't want to wear out before all the good stuff wink congrats on your AP!!

Is there a listing when you get to the party that tells you when the CS restaurants close?

Good question @PrincipalTinker! And I heard some places offer special food. Is that true?

THis is from "that other" blog/website... shhh....

http://www.wdwinfo.com/holidays/halloween.htm. Scroll to the bottom.

Anyone know what kind of candy to expect?

I remember it being good stuff...

Here's the food list:

Specialty Treats available:
Sleepy Hollow - Spiced pumpkin waffle sundaeMain Street Bakery - cupcakes and cookiesGaston's Tavern - ghost cupcakesOutdoor carts - Candy corn cotton candyStorybook Treats - Candy corn soft serve

Save room for that waffle -- yum!!!

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They seem to pass out larger handfuls in the last hour or two

They had a wide variety of candy but the 2 things that stood out from last year were Craisins and Peeps. laughing They were giving out handfuls of Craisins somewhere in Frontierland or Adventureland and Peeps at the exits. The amount that we ended up getting was hilarious.

I KNOW!! Last year must've been Year of the Craisins. They gave us so many I never want to see a Craisin again.

The first year we attended, we went on the last night of the party and left with about 30 lbs of chocolate. They literally called us over the the "troughs" as we were leaving and loaded us up.

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I’m already thinking of my trip next year for MNSSHP. We will have tix for every day of parks. So entering before 4 won’t be a problem for me on that’s specific day( not to early don’t want kids to get worn out.) I have a feeling my best bet is to do the party on my arrival day. Hoping to get the earliest flight out… Get checked in at the hotel, grab some breakfast… maybe swim (or go to another park for a few hours, but probably not) get ready for party and head over to MK. Depending on who my kids MUST mets are ( mine is 7 dwarves, but I think the kids may say Jack and Sally. I was thinking once getting into MK… Getting SOTMK cards for our “regular tix”, maybe play around for a little while and grab a sit down mean at Tony’s for about 4:15ish… And then get in line for Sally and jack. Then continue from there. I’m probably over thinking everything but I get obsessed with planning! My husband hates it lol… You guys would understand tho.