Where to buy Florida Resident Ticket online

This is probably a dumb question, but I cannot find a link to purchase Florida resident tickets online anywhere. We’re meeting my sister who lives elsewhere in Florida for a few days in Orlando. I know she’ll have to show Florida ID at the park entrance but how do I buy them now in advance so that we can link on MDE and book FPP together. If it makes a difference, I just want a 2-day parkhopper, not an AP.

Does anyone have a link or is there some kind of trick I’m missing? Or do we have to wait until we get to the park to buy the ticket?

I have purchased them for my Mom who lives in Florida, but I did it under her MDE account that has her Florida address in it. I think you need to have a Florida address in the account for the resident ticket options to show up.

I thought they were selling them at Target or Walmart in FL?

My friend bought hers in the spring on Disney’s site but it does look like you have to have an MDE account and most likely there has to be a FL address for them to show up as purchase-able.