Where to buy adult Disney shirts?


I see a lot of photos of people with really cute Disney gear on, however I have not seen a single store in VT where they sell Disney clothing for adults!? Any ideas?


Disney Store on line. Or just Google Disney shirts. You will find plenty.


Yes. Online is the way to go. smile


I have gotten some awesome gear at Hot Topic recently -- my favorite is Ariel but they have other princesses and Alice as well. No lie, they carry a Little Mermaid string bikini. Their online store is kinda buggy, but worth it to me to fight with it for awesome shirts!


YAY! I looked up Hot Topic and found tons of great gear! I found a mall with their store in my state... Heading there today!


Awesome! Tell us what you find! smiley


My husband was going to buy me that bikini!


I actually stopped at JCPenny really quick and found 4 tank tops!!! They were in the Junior section, but they were big enough to fit me (30!)



Those are great!


I love those!!!!


Walmart usually has cheap tshirts, like mentioned hot topic, jc penny, online, maybe target, Disney store


I was shocked that the Disney Store online didn't have more tank tops! I will sweat through any shirt with sleeves... so I need tank tops. I looked at Hot Topic & they had really cool shirts, but they ended up being so pricey. I swung over to JCPenny and found 4 tank tops (minnie, mickey, cinderella & ariel) then went to Walmart and found 3 more (mickey & minnie) all under $15 each. I couldn't believe it! WHO----HHHHHHHHHHHHOooooooooooooooooooo! So happy!


Kohl's usually has stuff in the junior's section. You can also try Forever 21, I've gotten Minnie Mouse and Star Wars tanks there.


Look what I found at JCPenny


I just got a really cute shirt at Koh's this week. I believe it is Lauren Conrad. They had some really adorable shirts and dresses.... sort of a step up from the usual Disney stuff. It was also on sale. smile


There are not enough words for how much I love these!


Considering I'll be there on July 4 (AHHH 5 days!) the flag Mickey shirt was PERFECT!


WOW! Those look similar to hot topic styles. Good finds!