Where should we eat? MNSSHP day

We will be heading to the party around 3:30pm. Should we A) eat at Beaches and Cream or elsewhere in the EP resort area before we head to the park or B) grab something quick when we get into MK (have always wanted to try the chicken waffle at Sleepy Hollow) or C) eat at a monorail resort's CS on our way to MK (I feel this option would take up too much time in transportation).

We have a 4:30 at the plaza. Figure sit and eat, chill while crowds are still heavier. OR we will do waffle and/or CHH around 5. I think eat at MK best just because you're fueling up for the whole big night and then you're there/in and set

I thought about The Plaza but I have FPs booked for the 3:30-6:30 time AND we will be in costumes by then and I might feel weird sitting down to TS like that. I have never been to CHH, will have to look at the menu.

This is our plan and what we did last year, get in at 4, ride till 5/5:30ish... I run and grab Casey's (I'm obsessed with corn dog nugs) we grab a bench near adventure land and watch all the costumes/people. Worked great for us last year...I stress enough just getting to park On time, I'm not sure I could have a sit down/ADR meal smile if you do.... I would say the closer to mk the better smile

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Definitely decided on CS but not sure where to fit it in with FPs from 3:30-4:30 (PP), 4:30-5:30 (EtwB) and 5:30-6:30 (UtS). Was thinking if we hit Enchanted Tales right at 4:30 and are out by 5:15 at the latest we could eat and then get to UtS toward the end of our window.

You sound like me! We have a 7dmt 3:45-4:45 then a pp at 5-6... Going to try to hit pan then eat before btmrr at 6-7. Had belle but thought she would take too long and it was a one and done for us smile I would say grab something after belle for sure! Maybe a flatbread at Pinocchios? We also grab snacks during the parade... You know, since all that candy isn't enough! Hahaha

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I couldn't get 7DMT so we hope to do that later in the night. And we will definitely be enjoying party snacks. And then we are spending the whole day at Food & Wine the next day. My poor stomach, lol.

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And we won't have FPP for party night- so since we don't know if we'll have short ride lines or extra FPP availability the TS sounding better to us.

Corn dog nugs?! Never had this....

Corn dog nuggets at Casey's!!! So yummy... Add some fries and fake cheese sauce..mmmmmm!!

Fries with fake cheese?!? Mmmmmmm

We were hoping to do CS dinner on our party day, too. CHH is a fave, but wasn't sure when it closes each day in October. Hopefully if we eat by 4:30, we will be ok.

I'd be at the gates at 4, FPPx3 until 7, do a CS (CHH perhaps) when we got hungry, and take it from there. That way you'll get the biggest bang out of your party tickets.

@VanellopeVonDoom did the system let you start making your fpp for the party night with party ticket starting at 3:30? I know you can't get in til 4pm on party night but having the fpp 3:30-4:30 and 4:30-5:30 is nice b/c then you can use 2 in the first hour.

I used our regular ticket FPs. We aren't using them earlier in the day at HS. I scheduled them for 3 hours leading up to the party in MK instead. I think we will arrive to make the end of our 3:30-4:30 window.

that's a really smart idea @VanellopeVonDoom, you will get a good jump on the crowds that way

I vote for the chicken waffle sandwich at MK between your FPs. We did it in the morning with the Nutella and fruit on a waffle - so good! I can't wait to try the savory option. You could always grab something small to tide you over. I like to throw a couple of granola bars or other semi-healthy snacks into my bag just in case someone starts to feel hungry at an inconvenient-for-my-plan time.

@Iheartepcot I think that will be our plan. I have heard that Sleepy Hollow closes at 5pm or something like that though so hopefully it will work out.
I have packed snacks on all of our trips and the kids and DH are the only ones who ever eat them. I always end up deciding a Mickey ice cream bar or Dole Whip would suit be better than the granola bar I packed. smile

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