Where on personalized plans is Disney Jr. Live at HS?

I’m trying to make a touring plan for HS and I can’t find Disney Jr. Live in the attractions or shows lists…what’s the deal?

Depending on your dates it may not be available. It is currently being refurbished as a new show (also Disney Jr. but with new songs and shows) and will reopen sometime in fall.

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Found on another site:
“Disney Junior - Live on Stage!” will have its final performance on September 1 2018 to make way for the new “Disney Junior Dance Party.”

Here is the announcement

Saw that too and tried to find the opening date for the new thing but I can’t find it. Anyone knows ?

They haven’t announced an official date yet.

It’s disappointing for me too because I had the show on my to-do list until I found out the last day was 9/1. I think they just need time to set up, rehearse, etc. and probably aren’t real sure when they’ll be ready.

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I watched the show at CA last year. The show is drastically different and much much better. They will be redoing the entire stage. It is so much more that just new dance moves.

Announcement today