Where is the Fantasmic FP Kiosk located?

and if you don’t get a dining passage what is the best strategy to get a good seat once you have a FP and how early should you get to the area? TIA! We are going end of August. One day in DL and one in CA.

It used to be located on Big Thunder Trail, just past Thunder Mountain. Just opened back up again, so I assume it will be there again?

How early you get there depends on how long you want to sit and wait and how close you want to be. Most spots are good to view from, honestly.


The FP kiosk is now located to the left of the Mark Twain river boat loading area. Best strategy I know is to get a FP early because it seems they have two different types of FPs they are distributing Reserved & regular & reserved seems to be distributed first. I just posted on Chat my full experience with F! FP if you wanna take a look. I can also bump it for you at a later time if you don’t read this right away.

Hiya! Thanks for the tips. I’ll see if I can find your post on the lines group. We are going last week of August so really soon. TP had our days at 2ish then bumped up to 4/6 then back down to 2, so I’m hoping for the best. We are staying offsite.