Where is the best place to rent a car if staying on property?

Hi. I’d like to rent a car when we are at WDW. I have heard about the car care centre but can’t find information. Any tips or links? Thank you.

If you’re near the swan/ dolphin, I believe they have a rental center there too.

I would think that getting it at MCO would save the most time. You’re replacing the time spent waiting for and riding Magical Express trip with going to the rental car center. If you wait until you get on property to rent, you have to get there and then are spending your “disney” time getting and returning your car. That’s just my thought.


I believe it’s cheaper at MCO too.

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I’ve also heard that the wait for the free shuttle to the car care center can be dicey. Renting at MCO takes that out of the equation–you are already there.

Much, MUCH cheaper… I’ve priced it out.

If you are a COSTCO member, try logging in with your card in their TRAVEL section online. Price out a car rental. AVOID Budget, but ALAMO at MCO has always been a good rental out of MCO, so we usually rent online via COSTCO.

You also get an extra driver (free) and usually a $20 COSTCO GC mailed to you weeks after the trip. You know, because you’ll be vacation broke. :laughing:

Good luck!

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Thanks for your help everyone!

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