Where is the actual calendar?

I am a very visual person, I like looking at a calendar type graphic, where is that on TP? I know UT has one but it isn’t as accurate as TP.

Any links to help?

I’m afraid TP doesn’t offer their calendar in the traditional, page-per-month style. But I’ve created my own in the past by downloading a calendar template from Word and cutting and pasting the predicted crowd levels in.

Cutting and pasting sounds like a lot of work. I like the calendar idea, though. Maybe TP could come up with some type of color-coded calendar so one could check it easily at at glance.

No traditional calendar on TP. I’m also a “visual” person, so when I’m planning a trip, making a spreadsheet with all of the park hours/EMH and CLs for the days I’ll be there is one of the first things I do. This becomes my primary tool for the initial “which park which day” decisions.