Where is my room request?

Hi there!

I put in the room request for our November trip a couple weeks ago.

I was talking about it and I forgot where the request was. Do you know where I can find what I am requesting?
I feel so silly going around in circles on the site trying to locate it.

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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It you log onto the website it should be noted on your dashboard.

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You need to go to your Dashboard.

It may take you to the website main page and you may need to log in. If so follow this path

Once you are logged in you’ll see a list of your trips. On your phone this will be at the top of the page and you’ll just scroll down to get to the details. On a desktop this list will be in the left margin and the details in the top center of the page.

If on your phone scroll down. You’ll then need to toggle to “Itinerary “ tab

Once you do that the room request button will show in the trip details

Let us know if you need more help! Happy requesting!


I appreciate that so much!!!

Thank you so much!!!