Where in WDW to find Books

I was wondering if anyone has good ideas on where to look for WDW books, in WDW.
I see lots at Amazon, but I am a person that like to flip through the book before I buy.
Interested in mostly history books, fact based books, or good souvenir books.

On property, my first stop would be World of Disney at Disney Springs. I think the last book I bought though was at MouseGears in Epcot.

The best for exactly what you are looking for was Writers Stop in DHS; I never missed going in and rarely came out without a book. Now that it’s closed, I’m not sure where to look :frowning:

I went to World of Disney at Disney Springs on Nov 13, and had almost no luck finding any books about WDW. I found cookbooks and autograph books. But I don’t recall seeing books of interesting Disney info, such as Hidden Mickeys or trivia. I was very disappointed. I didn’t see any at Mouse Gear in July, either. Of course I could have overlooked them.

A lot of disney books are unofficial. So it will be hard to find in the parks.

I suggest one of several things:
Try your library. Most libraries have an interlibrary loan system within your county.

Ask for recommendations here

Look on amazon and pome through the reviews. If you buy it and are unhappy about it return it.

You can try a local bookstores. But besides guide books, hidden mickeys there is little else on the shelf maybe an odd lucky break once in a while.

For me every christmas i pick out a couple more from amazon. My husband keeps telling me i should be a tour guide with the information i manage to cram in my brain.

I was thinking about this more and realized – download the Shop Disney Parks app, and search books. While a lot of the books are autograph books, kids books, etc…the ones I am thinking of, and have purchased myself, ARE listed there, and the app will show you where to go to find it on property.

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We came home with a suitcase half full of books after our family trip, because my boys can’t resist a good book. They bought a book about Jim Henson in the Muppet store in Hollywood Studios and multiple books on manga and anime from Mitsukoshi in the Japan pavilion. I don’t have anything to add to the excellent advice above for finding Disney-related books, but wanted to add that there are books on other subjects in the parks as well. I’m pretty sure each country pavilion in Epcot has beautiful books on that country, and many of the attractions’ themed stores also have topically related books.

I bought all my books before I went, so I wasn’t really on the look out but they do pop up in suprising places- I found one about disney history in the shop at Wilderness Lodge. I just don’t think they are as prominently displayed as other merchandise