Where in the world would you go?

Just seen a question on liners chat about where people like to go on vacation when not going to Disney…very interesting! My question is where would you like to go in the world where you have never been before? My wish list is NZ and Ausralia, Canada and India…also an American road trip, East to West coast :blush:


My dream vacations include visiting the Galapagos Islands, Spain, Australia, and Costa Rica. I would love to visit all Spanish speaking countries but that may not be possible with some of the political climates and other safety concerns. :cry:

I have been to Mexico and France so I’m working on checking things off my list.

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Canary islands is on our wish list. Just can’t get over the 34hr return flight with a 10 hr layover in Madrid. That would be torture for our ds7 . Some day!!!

Tuscany is spectacular. Would love to go to Australia and do the quintessential American road trip

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I love Spain…one of my favourites…we like Andalucia :smile: DS12 is learning Spanish at school and I can’t wait to take him back there to practice!

We are doing Tuscany this year…haven’t been before but have heard good reports…where did you stay?

Oh my that is some trek!! Can’t blame you for not doing that at the mo with a 7 year old! Me and my DH have got a retirement vacation wish list…for places to go where we don’t have mega flights with kids :grinning:

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We spend a lot of time at the beach each year.

On my bucket list: Europe both by land and via river cruise. I’d like to see Hawaii. Ultimate pipe dream? Safari

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Europe via train. Eating and drinking our way through history!

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We stayed in a VERY small town - San Giovanni Di Asso. It was perfectly located to all the other towns and was just perfect. Stayed here http://viavillas.com/italy/casa-san-giovanni it was spectacular. Don’t skip Pienza. Also if you go to Sienna - and go to the Duomo - there is a small door off to the left as you are in the main aria facing the alter. The room is spectacular - it is the Piccolomini Library.

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The trains are unreal - be flexible with your days. We are a family of 4. We were able to get a private cabin for LESS than coach if we went on a Saturday.

Unreal as in good or bad?

The next interesting destination for me is Helsinki! Going for a sci-fi convention and really looking forward to it.

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The place you stayed looks fantastic! We are closer to the coast near Viareggio in a small village called Pedona not far from Lucca. We are hoping to do Florence, Piza and maybe Rome. I have heard about the trains and know we will be using them so it’s good to see your advice. Will probably try Sienna too and will look out for the door! Can’t wait to try the amazing food…Italian is my favourite! We were in Sardina a few years ago and it was spectacular!

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Hope you have a great time time there…I’ve heard it’s a lovely place…even more so if you are going to a convention you love! :blush:

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You should try the orient express…sounds a lovely way to see a bit of Europe! I love the eating round the world idea :grinning:

Unreal as in AWESOME!!!

Thank you - it was spectacular. I don’t think you can go wrong with italy. If you don’t mind here are some suggestions from our learning

Piza - if it is a short drive do it - otherwise skip - it isn’t a very nice city.
Florence wonderful - but stay there to better experience it instead of going in and out for the day. We would have enjoyed it a lot more if we stayed there.
Rome - same as florence. We stayed there and it was spectacular

We used the following - https://rometourswithkids.com/ - they offer private tours - they are a bit more expensive - but worth EVERY PENNY. The tour guide we had in Rome (2 seperate days) was BEYOND fantastic. She wasn’t giving us a tour - she was showing us the city she loved - and VERY VERY knowledgable. We stood outside the Colosseum for 45 minutes as she explained the history BEFORE it was there - it was mesmerizing. Although it is "with kids’ it isn’t dummied down. However they present it so kids can understand it - but it was fascinating as an adult. If you are doing Vatican Museums - using them is a MUST!!!


We have already booked our villa so won’t be staying overnight anywhere else. Have heard that Piza is not brilliant but we just want to see the tower and cross it off the list! I am interested in the tour guide tho… We went to Tokyo last year and had a private tour guide for a couple of days and she was fabulous… Well worth the money…as you say it’s the passion they give that makes it so worthwhile. Thanks for the link and all the info :grinning:

my pleasure - seems you quite veteraned in traveling. We saw a lot of the tour groups from ships etc - it didn’t appeal to us at all!!

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