"Where in the World" photo game

I get the precision required for medical stuff and I would prefer more right when it comes to my care, but for the record I noticed CSR first :wink: I don’t care if I remember the exact location :upside_down_face:

You may have the win here :laughing:

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I think the same pattern is there, this was actually on the elevator


are those bits for a horse?

If I had to guess, someplace at SSR. But even if I’m right about that, I couldn’t tell you more since I’ve never actually been on SSR property!

It looks so familiar though. Like I’ve see it on a Disney vlog or something.

No wonder my DD is so worried about the NCLEX. It sounds awful.

The ranch at the campgrounds?

It’s awful!

When I took it the machine shut off at 75 questions. 75 is the MINIMUM a person has to answer in order for the program to figure out if you’ve passed. I was CERTAIN there was no way I had answered enough questions correctly to have passed so I had to have failed. I had a mortgage application riding on me passing, as well as a job that was waiting for me. I left the test and went and literally cried in my coffee. I was so afraid to go home and tell DH

Imagine my surprise when I learned a few days later that I had passed. I still don’t know how. I had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many questions about diabetes and was just like — uh, I don’t know!

Best wishes to her - when is she taking it? Is she doing a review course? That will help tremendously. There’s a whole section that uses nonsense words in place of factual information to help you learn to read questions in a way that you can easily notice when an answer is right (or more right) even if you don’t know the material.


They are for a horse but none of the guesses are right yet

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Thanks! She takes it two weeks from today. She is doing some type of review course. And her school has had them doing prep questions for awhile. She told me about the minimum number of questions and she also mentioned sometimes they make people answer all the questions even when they have already passed. It sounds ridiculous.


Yes because they will also include questions that they are testing for validity!

The NCLEX is the reason that even if you leave the workforce for a while you keep your nursing license active so you never have to take it again.

Certification exams are similar. I was certified in OB and that was mega stressful too. But as it’s not required for (or really even related to) my current job (and it is expensive to maintain) I have let that lapse.


Not Tri-Circle-D Ranch?

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That’s where my mind went

Either there or the firehouse at MK

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It sounds awful. I don’t know that she will be ready, but her job starts next month so she needs to go ahead and take it. Apparently next year they are completely changing the NCLEX and it’s going to be case study based?

Oh grossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

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Not at the ranch, though I have been meaning to get there

I wondered about the firehouse too. Maybe they are decorative and not near any live horses. Maybe a restaurant like Regal Eagle Smokehouse. I thought Trail’s End, but it isn’t open yet, right?

Not the firehouse

Not here either.

@OBNurseNH is closer

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Okay. When I look at it, I’m convincing myself that I’ve seen it in person somewhere.

You may have, but not at BTMRR