Where has the Disney Magic gone?

Here we are, on day 3 of our 8 day trip, wondering what happened to WDW. Maybe we had our hopes a bit too high? But we were very much looking forward to our Grand stay at the Grand Floridian but as of now, WE WILL NOT BE BACK. We had a much better time on our last trip, staying off property, and not relying on the nightmare that is Disney transportation. We are 2 for 2…nights with monorail problems causing delays and backups trying to get back to our resort, more like motel…really. Speaking of the resort and the monorail, we chose the GF specifically for the convenience of the monorail, only to find that it does not start running until 30 minutes after our ADR??? Then, 3 different GF cast members gave us 3 different answers on how to get to EPCOT without using the monorail, including taking a bus to the TTC, then transferring! REALLY? Is there even a bus stop at the TTC? BESIDES, If I wanted to take the bus, I would have stayed at AKL. Then they close the EPCOT line early because of a ‘press’ event which they are having right in the middle of the entrance/exit to EPCOT, right as illuminations is wrapping up??? Who plans this stuff? With the main exit blocked, everyone is diverted around the sides, only to come all the way back to center to find that the monorail is closed for the same event. I call BS!!! Much more to complain about, but I will end my rant here…for now!

Sorry to hear your stay is off to a slow start - especially at the GF, I’m surprised.

To answer one of your questions - the TTC does have a bus stop. If facing the TTC/MK as if coming out of the parking lot, there’s a bus loop off to the right. We ended up catching a bus there for our Epcot breakfast as coming from GF, I didn’t think to check when the Epcot monorail started that day. Got to TTC only to be told it was well after our ADR. A helpful CM was able to find us a bus from there. I thought you could also catch a bus direct from the GF to Epcot for cases like that as well, but we didn’t attempt to do so. I’d do what you did and ask, but it doesn’t help if you get multiple answers that disagree unfortunately…

Sounds like your complaint is with Disney transportation. If you’re having trouble getting to the parks early using Disney transportation, I suggest you try using Uber.

FWIW, IMO, the Monorail should run 24/7.

I hope you’re enjoying GF though. For that much money, it better be AMAZING there!

Sorry to hear about your transportation problems. Other than the occasional rude guest I’ve never had any issues with Disney Transportation - but I’ve never had any desire to stay at any of the mono resorts either… I hope you can struggle through the trauma of transportation issues and find enjoyment in the parks and at the resort.