Where does Magic Express info show in MDE?

I think I successfully added Magic Express to my existing reservation last week. I wanted to look on the MDE site and confirm, but I don’t see it listed anywhere. I don’t know if it’s because it’s not supposed to show there or if there’s an issue.

I thought I remembered hearing it was listed under the “View Details” link for your hotel info, but I don’t see anything there.


If I remember correctly from our last trip, DME should be listed in the Reservations and Tickets section. We have another trip coming up soon. In the e-mail we got from our TA she noted DME as “to be arranged,” and, like yours, it is not showing up on our MDE at this time either.

I think this is because we haven’t yet booked our flight and submitted the airline, times, etc. Do you remember including your flight information when you added DME? If not, this might be the reason it’s not coming up for you.

I used this link to add the DME reservation. I think it was last Friday?

(Side note, this link didn’t work in Chrome, only Internet Explorer)

On there I listed the airline/flight info for both our arrival and departure. Strange. I suppose I’ll have to call at some point and see if they received it. I always just feel better if I can see it on the site myself to know it was entered correctly.


The link didn’t work for me on Chrome either. I was able to access it using Firefox, though.

It looks like you must have entered everything correctly. On second thought, it seems like on our last trip the DME did show up on our MDE and that, when we booked our flight, we went back in and added that information. I would definitely give them a call just to be on the safe side.

Just curious… Did the DME reservation ever show up on your MDE? If so, where was it located?

(I provided our TA our flight information a few days ago and asked if she could set us up for DME. I’m not seeing it yet in my MDE, so I didn’t know if this means she hasn’t taken care of it yet or if it just doesn’t show up. It seems like it was there on our last trip.)

Nothing ever did show up in MDE, at least not in the “My Reservations” section under the hotel details where I had read that it should show. However, I did get a confirmation email from "support@disneymagicalexpress.com" titled “Re: Disney’s Magical Express - Reservation (04-30-2016)” confirming that I was set up, and we got our luggage tags in the mail a few weeks ago.

So we’re all set, despite the info not showing in MDE. At least, that’s what I am hoping. I’ll know for sure in 11 days!

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I’ve read this topic with interest. We also don’t see any indication of our DME reservation in MDE, despite confirmation from our TA. And, like you, I feel like I remember being able to see it in MDE prior to our trip last year.

Did you receive the e-mail relatively soon after you added the DME to your account, or did it come closer to the time when your luggage tags were actually mailed to you? And were the tags in the same package as your Magic Bands?

I have found that using a TA certainly has its drawbacks – especially for us hands-on type of people. I received a message from mine the same day (which was a nice surprise, since it usually takes her a day or two) saying that she will add the DME for me but so far I haven’t gotten one that says that the has added it. This lack of communication is driving me crazy.:confounded:

Going by my post above, I used that link to add DME on or around 3/7. The email came on 3/17. The Magic Band box had the colored luggage tags, but those are NOT the DME tags. The DME tags/letter came separately in an envelope postmarked on 3/22. They’re yellow tags similar to those the airlines use for checked luggage.

Hope this helps!

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My TA last year, I gave her the flight info, she never confirmed. Months later, she asks for it like it’s the first time. I supplied our flight info again, but it was hilarious because you could scroll down that very same email chain and see where I’d provided it previously.

I’m surprised there aren’t more responses to this thread… surely a ton of people here use DME?

We must have used the same TA.:relaxed:

We had a couple of Disney trips overlap. After being disappointed with this TA, I used a different one for our other short trip, which we’ve already taken. This second TA was awesome. She was right on top of everything. I wish I could switch.

I just called Disney to verify that we are all set for our July trip. I asked questions. Because our trip used a convention hotel reservation, the DME folk couldn’t see our reservation, I got transferred to the convention/group reservation people. They could see all the DME info.

No, they do not automatically send any confirmation email. They just send the DME tags etc 2-3 weeks before trip.
No, there is nothing in MDE that will indicate a DME reservation. The two systems don’t talk to each other (or something like that).

Unfortunately, we don’t get any evidence that it’s there (short of calling them) until we receive the tags.

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Thanks for asking the extra questions in our behalf. This is very helpful.

That’s great info, thanks. I’d swear… SWEAR… that the DME info was posted on my MDE last year. Either they changed the system, or I misremember obviously.

All this discussion got me wondering about it, and why I wasn’t seeing anything. Easy to be concerned something fell through the cracks. I’m glad others brought this up in the first place.