Where do you see yourself in 5 years? --- A Solo Trip Report

Don’t you have a ceiling fan to be enamored with? You didn’t even finish your paste. I’m disappointed. No dessert for you.

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Small, but mighty and it doesn’t take many!

I can attest to 3 toddlers at once creating a literal shit storm. So imagine putting down three 2 year olds for a nap (clean diapers, of course) and hearing a lot of chaos as they play and run around their empty room except for the 3 toddler beds. So after nursing the 6 week old baby I go to see what is going on. Picture this… three toddlers, some of which are unclothed, diapers off and flung about, poo flung all over beds, all over pretty pink girly curtains, smeared on their feet as they run about and grind it into the carpet, and even smeared on their cute little plush Mickey dolls they slept with.


I concur, no desire to go to Vegas. I’ve been to Reno on a work trip and boring. I’m sure someone will say Vegas is different, but nothing there appeals to me.

Also, I’m glad that doesn’t make me your mortal enemy!

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Because you are a Lady and a Scholar.

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And this is why we call ours the troublets. Man. Those years were bananas. Just bananas. But we all survived! Thankfully I never experienced the nap time poop paint party.


I love that! :rofl:

Wow! DS27 once did similar during the night but was limited in what a mess he could make on his own.

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Assuming this was before he was 27?


Why would you assume that?! :joy::joy::joy:


Ohhhhhhhhhhkay! :laughing:

Hey what happens in Vegas…

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… pisses @Randall1028 off!! :laughing:


Randall don’t read this…it contains a spoiler for…a…uh…thing you really don’t want spoiled.

Guys, I really like Vegas (not as much as Disney, obviously). I regularly think about the food and fun I’ve had there…mostly the food. The food is so good. I’ll spend the rest of the day thinking about those Jalapeno Poppers from Gordon Ramsay’s BURGR (yes, they were that good). But I fear the wrath of a thousand toddlers and Randall, so don’t tell.

Anyway, people that like Vegas are so silly.


Picture it?
That’s our House of Commons!


I love Vegas! My first ride on a plane. Got married there years later. Seen lots of crazy stuff and every Cirque show. Agree that “O” is the best ever.
Met Gabrielle Union and Tony Bennett. Was once mistaken for a prostitute. True story. :joy: Spent an evening following the camera crew for the tv show “Cops.” Lots of great memories.
We were there in May. It was weird.The smell of marijuana everywhere. Couldn’t carry on good conversations because masks. (Hooting and hollering because you’re winning isn’t as fun wearing a mask.) :laughing:

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you know how I said you were wise beyond your years? Clearly I was thinking about someone else…

That’s my bad. I’m sorry.

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I’m afraid if you were trying to sell us (me?) on this place…you failed miserably.



Lol! Vegas is like iPhone vs Android users. You either love it or hate it.



There’s those of us who’ve never been ( ME! ) who cannot begin to describe the level of disinterest they have over it.

Am I a Flip Phone?

I once almost went as part of a conference for work. I was relieved when the conference was cancelled. I ended up in Tampa and took a left turn to have a fly-by at AK one day and a few days on the gulf coast with some rabble-rowsers.


The 50th
Oh hey, look, we’re talking about this again. :roll_eyes: :rofl:

So it’s safe to say nearly EVERY expectation I had for the day was turned prominently on its head. Waking up to see the insane line to security at 5AM jolted me awake and I thought it best to abandon my original plan of leisurely walking over to the park at 6:30AM.

And then when I got there, there was a sea of people already waiting to get in(confirming that my new plan was the better one). It was here that I thought that my expectation of the day and all those claims of “CL 10” were going to be realized in every facet of the park… I mean, getting a reservation for this day was a feat and a half. So surely the park was just going to be bonkers all day.

But I was wrong.

Ride lines were low, there were no presentations, nothing debuted beyond the fireworks show annnnd that was it. We did get fliers and a free poster (that has the weirdest dimensions for a ‘poster’ at 11”x14”.)

I was completely expecting to be spending the full day on mainstreet and at the hub as presentations, speeches, dedications, rare character sightings, and shows would be happening. I expected ride times for everything, especially the classic rides that were there when the park opened to be crazy long and be “low” at the 45 minute -1 hour mark.

Instead… it was a pretty normal day, for early September, with insane merch lines and super low ride lines. The two plaza gardens and the tormorrowland terrace were taken for media coverage (though what they were truly covering I have no idea. I know they were doing live bits for shows, but… they weren’t covering anything, it just a host talking). Mobile orders took a bit of time, and I waited a full 10 minutes(!) for a dole whip, but with ride times being so low, I didn’t lose any actual time waiting for my sustenance.

The 50th merch collection, that required a QR code to get into, I kinda lucked into finding (even though it was right there on the street). Me finding it when I did and deciding I should check it out was pretty random. When I initially saw the sign and saw it was for merch, I almost passed on it because I thought it was just the normal stuff I’d been seeing all week or stuff that would be available elsewhere. It wasn’t until later that I learned that it was all stuff not available throughout the celebration and was considered “Day Of” merch. (But I guess they didn’t sell enough t-shirts because the standard adult t-shirt was in Epcot the next day.)

And the designs of the stuff were generally disappointing. Much like almost all of the 50th merch. Which boggles my mind that they have such a great logo for the 50th, but every piece of merch I’ve seen so far just misses the mark for a true win. They took design risks on some things and I don’t feel they quite paid off. I liked the adult women’s t-shirt design print, buuuut I don’t think I could pull off the “crop top” look ;). The standard adult tee I, more or less, liked the print, but the buttons on it made the shirt look very odd. In the end, I bought the mug, 2 passholder shirts (which, I don’t love, but they were at least tolerable designs) and the adult t-shirt. The standard t-shirt I then returned once I determined the buttons were just too odd to justify at $50 t-shirt. Oh, yeah, that’s the other thing: these things were expensive.

All that aside, it was absolutely fantastic being there on the day. And those negatives were incredibly slight all things considered. I wasn’t even disappointed I went into the park early even though there was no real reason to. Seeing all the cast members line the street and clapping was great. Having random people yell out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DISNEY WORLD!” or “HAPPY 50TH!” was fun and sparked claps and cheers from others. I even took joy in the collective annoyance that everyone had when we realized that there was going to be no real presentation for the day by the Disney higher ups.

I rode every ride I wanted to without waiting and got to enjoy a meal in Be Our Guest. Which I hadn’t been in for a while (I was dyin’ for some French Onion Soup). I got a perfect spot for Fireworks and thanks to the low ride-times, I didn’t have to sacrifice anything to stake out the spot for 2 hours (which is normally blasphemy coming from me). I got to view the Electrical Water Pageant out by the new walkway bridge and THEN get back into the park where I can enjoy my favorite thing: plaza ice cream staring at the castle.

Truly, outside the expectations of pomp and circumstance for the 50th, I have to say it was a near perfect day and well worth the 5 years of planning (even if no plan was ultimately needed for the day). Only things that were truly missing were tron, the train being running, and a proper showing of the Kiss Goodnight. But even still, they weren’t missed that much.

(sorry, a few of these might’ve been already posted.)

Now I gotta figure out what the next goal is gonna be… hmmm maybe…

…naaaaaahhhhhh :wink: