Where do I stow my stuff?

What do I do with my belongings when getting on an attaction? Suppose for example I am carrying a camera, and my wife has a large-ish shoulder bag, and we are getting on Big Thunder Mountain, what happens exactly? I know that everyone must be carrying stuff around WDW, and surely everyone isn’t renting lockers…

We took our bags on with us.

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Most people just put the bag between their feet. It’s usually not to uncomfortable, and there are no real rides that are so fast and thrilling that you’d have to worry about losing them. Hats on the other hand… lol

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I just wear cargo shorts/pants

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I often have both. I put the camera in my bag and stow my bag between my feet on the floor. For RnRC, same thing but I wrap the strap around my foot for good measure. Same for TOT.

For space Mtn, I have more room if I’m in the front seat. So I often ask to wait for that one if I can. But even so, I’ve had little issues bringing the bag with me in the other seats.

Otherwise, for soarin, star tours, and mission space, I can usually fit it in the storage space provided on the attraction.

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Only worry about those storage spaces is that you may forget your items. I’m usually really good about this but the excitement from a fun attraction caused me once to forget my hat which I later recovered. Cargos lets me keep everything on my person, keeps everything secure and avoids forgetful moments.

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Most stuff, even a small backpack, will fit at your feet. Even on Space Mountain with the little cargo net things.

Lost my hat first day, first ride, on Splash Mountain. Lesson learned.


My camera is the big kind. Not the point and shoot. So it doesn’t exactly fit in a pocket. Lol. Also, I’m the type of person that carries all the “what if” essentials. Hence the bag (which doubles as a water resistant cover for said big camera).


I carry a backpack and a digital SLR camera around the parks and have taken both on every ride in Disney World (at least, every ride I’ve been on, I’ve never seen the Disney Junior show or been on Magic Carpets of Aladdin, but don’t foresee a problem with those). I was a little skeptical of Rock n Roller Coaster, since I’m accustomed to being told you cannot bring bags onto roller coasters in other parks, but I wrap one of the backpack straps around my leg there and have never had a problem.

The only difficulties I’ve had are on Space Mountain and the 7DMT, as in both cases, there isn’t much room for a bag. On Space Mountain, I’ve found room near my feet and can now manage. On the new Mine Train, there doesn’t seem to be room for my bag and feet to coexist. I fit, but end up with one foot on top of by bag.

Unless it’s raining, I’ll usually keep my camera out of the bag on all attractions except Rock n Roller Coaster, with the camera strap around my neck. I’ve never had a problem doing so.

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The only Disney ride I think you should get a locker is for Kali River Rapids, and that is just so everything does not get soaked.

On Soaring I often leave my bag near a pole on the side, haven’t had any issues with that.

Otherwise there is room at your feet. Those who have strollers often leave items with their stroller. It is relatively safe at Disney, but beware of what you are leaving unattended.

[quote=“Jedilogray, post:10, topic:7703”]
The only Disney ride I think you should get a locker is for Kali River Rapids[/quote]

Good point. I usually skip the Rapids, so I forgot about that one. The flaps that cover the storage area on the rafts don’t seem to close fully with my backpack inside, so a locker there is wise.

Precisely my experience! I was so pumped after my first-ever experience on EE at AK…that I left my (actually pretty pricey!) sunglasses in the storage compartment. :frowning: I did try to get them back, but was unsuccessful.

And those lockers are free! :smile:

Which lockers are those, catdrj?

I am guessing the lockers by Kali River Rapids

Are there similar free lockers in the MK? I don’t plan to hit AK on my trip in April, just MK and Epcot. I know there are paid lockers near the entrance to the MK…

When I go to my local amusement park (Canada’s Wonderland, near Toronto), there are cubbies at the loading area. Not secure of course. Are there similar at WDW if you don’t want to carry your gear with you in the ride vehicle?

No. There are no storage areas at the rides (except for Kali ).

All parks have locker rentals. But going back and forth to your locker every time you are ready to ride an attraction seems a bit much.

Also, if you are staying at a Disney resort, the stores will ship your purchases to the resort gift store for free. Or, they will ship it to the front of the park for free as well for same day pick up. Then you don’t need to carry around so much throughout the day.

Honestly, most bags do fit at your feet or, if applicable, the storage space provided on the attraction itself (ie mission space, star tours). If you are forgetful, I would suggest putting your sunglasses in a pocket or down your shirt instead if using the little storage pockets provided on the attractions. You can also hook a baseball cap around a Belt loop.

It’s all very manageable. I wouldn’t stress too much.


Nice, thanks!!

Just the ones by Kali River Rapids as far as I’m aware- they are free for a limited time period, like 1-2 hours I believe. We always stash our stuff that we don’t want to risk getting wet on the ride.

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