Where do I look for the chart that shows how many days out FP

With FPs ability changing so frequently I have found that the TP tool doesn’t really reflect what is available now. The DIBBs was updated minutes ago, I think the TP is says 2am this morning?


I just used the DIBB to help me plan this last weekend. I checked it the night before my FP selection day to give me an idea of when SDD and FOP would be available. That way I wasn’t searching for a morning slot when the best that was going to be available was afternoon. It helped me make sure I had our HS and AK days far enough out to get the passes at all.


Thanks, I’m sure you are right. I usually go through this exercise around 6:00 AM and I think the TP tool usually updates around 2:00 AM. I just like to get a general idea early in the AM of what the availability of FP’s would be if I were selecting them at 7:00 AM that same morning. I will start looking at the DIBBs chart too though. I wasn’t aware that it existed. Thanks for the tip!