Where do I look for the chart that shows how many days out FP

Where do I look for the chart that shows how many days out FPP are gone?
Does my question make sense?

Are you thinking of this?..

Thank you, but it’s not the thing I’m looking for.

I’m having a hard time describing it. But I think a week or so ago someone shared a link somewhere that showed that FPP for Attraction Such-and-Such was available at 60+0, while others needed 60+4 to find…

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I see. I think you can work it out 'manually ’ with that link by putting a date in 60 days from now and moving forward day by day.
Hopefully someone else will have the link that you are looking for.

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This one?


@PrincipalTinker to the rescue. :grinning:

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Thank you both for trying.
That’s not the one I saw, but I’m trying to understand :crazy_face:

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The Dibbs one is actual live data. It is marked 30, 60, and 90 days.


Didn’t know this existed. Thank you!

It looks as though only SDD is not available at 60 days. Interesting.

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Yes, it seems like SDD is getting harder to book. If this keeps up I will not be able to book it for my August trip.

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I don’t understand how to read this.

Like, what does the blue dot on 11 July mean? Why is there a dot

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That is 90 day for CL FPs.


Do you see the info on the bottom left of each attraction?


I feel you, I’m going to try and get one for star wars opening week, so that will be fun


So for availability for 30 days, look at 12 May, then work forward.

This is what @Welsh_Dragon recommended, it is cumbersome, but what I have been doing in preparation for my 60-day FP window opening is this:
I use this webpage: https://wdwuntangled.com/fastpass-calculator/
to figure out what 60 days from today would be if I were selecting FP’s today.
Then, I go to https://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/fastpass-availability
and check each attraction that I am concerned about, moving forward until I find availability. Yesterday, SDD had late day availability at 60+3 and early morning availability not until 60+6. FOP was 60+2 for late day, and 60+6 for early morning. 7DMT was 60+1 for afternoon, and 60+4 for early morning. Surprisingly, all the headliners at Epcot (FEA,TT and Soarin’) had good availability at 60 days.
Is this what you were trying to figure out?

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Yes. Thank you. I’ll try that.

For the life of me I can’t figure this DIBB one out and I’m usually quite comfortable with maps, charts, graphs, and calendars.

I think my brain works backwards for these calendars. I look at the first white date (July 11) and want to look backward.

You would only be looking at 11 July if you were buying club level fps. Ignore that one.
You either need to look at 30 days out, so 12 May or 60 days out 11 June.

So 12 May is 30 days, 13th is 30+1, 14th is 30+2 etc.
I hope that I am not adding to your confusion.:grinning:

And you want to see green days!

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