Where do I find more time/am I over-ambitious

I am always preaching to take a break in the afternoon when it is hot. I am going the first week in Sept (9/4-9/10) and the average high is 90. So I put a break in my plan everyday - BUT I didn’t realize that it was F&W at Epcot when I was going to be there.
I get in at 9:30 on Tue, so probably 11 before I a settle in the room. I planned to not RP the next day and just go to AK at 2:30, hit the 3pm Finding Nemo show, then do the rest of the evening at AK and go to ROL.
Now I am thinking about going to EP in the morning - not for RD, but I don’t think that I am going to sleep late because I will be excited and I don’t do the pool.
However since WD doesn’t open until 11, if I only do an hour or hour 1/2 there that doesn’t really give me time to rest before AK especially since I am using Disney busses, so I was thinking about just staying and going to AK with no break.
Is that crazy the first day of my trip?
I am doing 8AM MK PPO BOG on Thu, 4 hr break, then leave about 8pm
Fri - RD MK - 8am EMH, leave at noon, salon at 2, back to MK for MNSSHP by 4 - 12.
Sat - 8am EP PPO GG - until 1, nothing absolutely planned after break, but thinking HS late (never seen star wars fireworks) but that isn’t a must-do
Sun - RD HS 8AM EMH, leave around noon, MK by 4 for my second MNSSHP
Mon - RD AK 8AM EMH - until around 1, then B&C (if reservation finder comes through) and Disney springs before 6pm MYW pick up for my 9:30 PM flight
sigh -
my options for more EP are no break, hottest part of the day on my first day, or back in the evening on Sat, which is my only day I can reasonably not go to the parks in the evening if I want to rest and/or see HS fireworks?

If you are sleeping in even a little, I think that’s a reasonable plan. You’ll be done at AK “early” by WDW standards anyway.

I’m more worried about Friday - leaving MK at noon and salon at 2 feels hurried. Then probably straight back to MNSSHP by the time you’re done at the salon, really.

I really like Saturday - I probably personally would stay a little longer and then spend the evening at the resort rather than HS, esp if you’re going there the next morning.

Mon I would probably head right to Disney Springs. B&C is not worth the rigmarole it will require getting from AK.

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Thanks :slight_smile:
I know Fri is going to be tiring - which is why I was thinking about Sat night just at the resort.
It is good to have someone to re-enforce my ideas.
I was thinking that I would try and not go to the park until 10 that first day (which will probably take restraint)- and have no real plans for that time, just shop, pin trade :sunglasses:, then do the WS until time to go to AK, and then Nemo at 3 in in the air-conditioning.
Then on Sat if I know I am just going to chill that night and sleep early, if i feel up to it, I will stay a little later at EP so I can spend a bit more time in WS.
I feel better now

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I like the idea of starting at Epcot. For a start it’ll be less busy than the Saturday (?) of F&W, so a chance to see it with fewer people (everything is relative).

And the next day you have a decent break scheduled.

I like the idea of doing HS the afternoon of Epcot. As you’re going in the evening it gives you a chance to maybe ride another of the TSL rides (you’ll only be able to get an FP for one of them the other day). You could watch SWAGs and then see about jumping in line for SDD if timings work.