Where did my extra hours plan go in TP?

I created a great plan for my Saturday April 16th day in EPCOT, and took advantage of the extra hours. I just evaluated the pan to re-check for Fast Pass recommendations as it looks like the crowd level may have increased, but now the extra magic hours option is gone! I freaked thinking maybe Disney changed their mind about offering a Saturday Extra Magic Hour for EPCOT on this date, but it is still listed on the My Disney Experience site. Has this happened to anyone else? Will the option come back? It just disappeared, I went back into the edit box and the extra magic hours option is gone.

I f I don’t get the EMH option back, should I just ignore the times then but still use the plan in my lines app starting at 8:00 that AM? I have the printed version with the correct times.

Never, mind, I see now Disney did take away the extra magic hour:( Sometimes I wonder why I bother making plans in advance if they’re going to change things!