Where can I use Disney Gift cards?

I thought about buying some gift cards from Target with my redcard, and then using those cards to buy my Annual pass, food, hotel, etc. Can you use Disney gift cards to buy passes and pay for Disney owned hotels?

Many thanks!

I know you can pay for the room.

You can also go to disneygiftcard.com and combine them into 1 card for each $1000 you have. Makes it much easier on everyone!

I pay for my hotel room, 90% of my dining, souvenirs, etc… Pretty much the everything! There are some 3rd party vendors in the parks that won’t take them. For example, Ghirardelli and the magic shop in DL won’t take it, but I believe Starbucks will. Also many of the snack carts won’t take them.

How do you purchase your gift cards? I’ve always wondered about this.

Target or Sams Club. Sometimes when I have time, I will scour the discount gift card sites for deals on Walmart GC and then use those to buy the Gift cards at sams club for a deeper discount, but those are becoming farther and fewer in between.

Is there a discount in this somehow?

Not really a discount anymore. But you can use your target redcard and I think get a 5% discount.

I do surveys and a few other things to collect small Disney GCs and then combine them online.

I can get 5% off at Target and for Sams club I can buy $150 worth of GC for $143 (just shy of 5%). For Sams, I will go on sites such as cardpool and buy Walmart gift cards for 2% off face value (You used to be able get them much cheaper, but people have caught on) and wait until the websites offer additional % off (usually 5%). When I buy the gift cards, I try to maximize which credit card I use. Some times my credit cards offer 5% cash back on big box stores and I will use that. My overall savings can be 7-14%

Thanks, I’ve been wondering about this for a long time. I never stopped and asked anyone how this was helping.