Where Can I Buy a Liner Pin?

Can someone please post the link to the website so I can order some Touring Plans swag?

Touring Plans Swag

I ordered the large pin, removed the safety pin and then used a zip tie to secure it to my backpack. Had to put it on the backside since it was getting caught on things, but still gets noticed!

I used the hyperlink icon to post, and then highlighted and used bold.

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Smart idea with the zip tie. The one we had for @Hollywood1939 kept falling of the bag! Now it reminded me to buy myself one!

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Someone posted on chat earlier that there is a discount code. Not sure what it does/does not work on. julyholidayz

The code works. I got my hubby an Olaf shirt to wear on our Frozen Fun Day. 60% off- Zazzle.com

Had to order a new one that says MDU. MouseDeprivedUntil1995 didn't fit on the forum so I simplified.

Do any of you order a pin for your family or touring partners? DH wants one too. What should I put on it? My name or I'm with MDP?

Zazzle.com, just wear it on your shirt or buy the shirt.:)