Where are the spring break crowds?

I’ve been following crowds this spring trying to figure out when to go next spring between Feb 24 and April 29. Last week crowds seemed higher than predicted. But not today! Wonder why?

Wow. A 2 at AK!

Wasn’t the extreme weather an issue today?

Yes, most of the outdoor rides were closed this afternoon due to tornado and hail warnings.

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Ahhh. that would explain it. If that’s the case, I bet today is nuts. Darn–I was hoping all Disney travelers canceled their trips after the parking fee announcement–LOL!

Flight cancellations ? in Northeast due to snow…again

We were there last week and I thought the crowds were less crazy than I anticipated. And the weather was great.
For next year for your dates, I would think either that last week in Feb, first week in March or last week in April.