Where are the smoking areas in the Parks please, maps show different places?

Hi, could someone clarify where the smoking areas are in the parks please?

MK, near Thunder Mountain, and off the back path between Brainstormer and Tommorland. These are on the Disney map, but I’ve heard reference to one on the path near Fairytale gardens near the fountain, and another on the left hand side of the hub near frontier land?

HS, near TOT, and on Echo lake near Mins & Bins. Is there another around the corner from TSMM or anywhere else?

AK, near Lion King and Dino. Anywhere else please?

EP, there seems to be a few here, is there one on a hidden path near Nemo?

Sorry, but I can’t really help with this; I would go with what’s on the official map you get when you enter the park. When I need a shot of nicotine (although I’m 90% quit), I use smokeless (a.k.a. dip or chew) and can use it, subtly, pretty much anywhere outdoors…

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Hello @Outer1, do you know the answer please?


MK - Across from Thinder Mountain and on the path from Circus to Tomorrow land.
EPCOT - Between Norway and China
IN Italy by the fountain(I’m shocked this one is still here)
France right by the bridge
Near the International gateway entrance
Near the refeshments building (kinda between FW And WS on Canadian side)
Near The Land Pavillion
Kind of between Universe of Energy and Wonders of Life
AK Near Dinosaur and just past Lion King show
Studios- By Echo Lake and TOT there is also one outside the gate

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