When's the best time to go?


Okay Breaking news— if there aren’t any other life changes perhaps. DH agreed 2021 is a good return year…current children will 7 and 4.


We went Sep 8-16 this year, and that is definitely still summer weather! If you can get used to being sweaty all day every day, the crowds are great. That said, this was my second September trip and I don’t want to roll the dice on hurricane season a 3rd time, so I am planning for the week after Thanksgiving 2020 for the next trip. I think the crowds should be low, the weather should be cool, and the Christmas decorations should be up.

But that’s when I’m going, so don’t anyone else go then! I don’t want a bump in crowd levels due to my promotion.


Haha. Good to know! Yea I don’t think we could handle September, I was so sweaty last week!

It’s a balance though because my kids will def want to use the pool. So don’t want it cold out either.