When your pre-RD ADRs aren't pre-RD anymore

Both of my ADRs that were for 8:05 are affected by the July park hours adjustments to 8am openings. One was for GG at Epcot, and the other BOG at MK. I’ve already taken action and adjusted a few things in my plans, but I’m curious what others do in those situations?

Do you keep your ADR, or do you move it in favor of other things? And if you keep it, do you still get through the gates before the rest of the crowd? Do you at least get the benefit?

Move it. I would never spend any time during the first 2 hours after park opening sitting eating.


I don’t think you get to enter early. I moved to a later breakfast when I ran into this (but later changed my mind again and dropped GG entirely).

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Move it and move it quick since so many people will be doing that too! A lot of people have double reservations (one 8:00 and one 10:00 or so) and will just drop the one that doesn’t work with the final hours.

GG: move it, get to those big line rides that you don’t have FPs for. GG not so amazing. BOG is pretty special, but I’d see if you can switch it to lunch, rather than give up breakfast when park is quieter.

Personally I’d cancel the BoG as we’ve never had a good experience there and you’d be losing the whole reason to book an early breakfast there. This happened to us on our last trip where we had an 8:00 am Crystal Palace. We moved it to 10 and it turned out great. We got a couple of hours of rides in and then when we got good and hungry we went to breakfast and didn’t feel rushed to get through it. I’d say give up the BoG and switch to later CP, the prices are almost the same but the food is much better at CP.

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Just had this last week. We canceled our CRT 8 AM breakfast when no longer pre-RD. Was hoping we could get in for a later meal or other day, but no luck. I don’t regret the cancellation though. For our family, I can only rationalize dragging everyone up so early when we have pre-RD park entry. We don’t do well in the heat, and we have young children with early bedtimes, so early morning rides are key.

Good advice !!!

I always just cancel them, even though it is disappointing. You completely lose any advantage, and you would waste time during that first precious hour of park opening.

I also cancel breakfasts that aren’t pre-RD anymore. But don’t give up on trying to find a different reservation time. Things open up, sometimes even the night before.

Thanks, all. Turns out there was a glitch and only one of my days changed hours, so it’s just my BOG I lost. I moved that to a late morning reservation instead. I guess it’s not so bad, since I’ll get an extra hour in the morning for touring when it’s a little less hot, right? :slight_smile:

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It will be less hot and less crowded. And you still get to go to BoG, about the time you will be hot and tired and ready for a break! Best of both worlds.