When you can travel again what do you want to do? Realistic and fantastic ideas

When you can travel again, what do you want to do? Is it Disney or other things? I’ve found myself thinking wistfully of our Orlando trip that was just last Nov and wanting to go back, partly b/c it was fun and partly b/c it was not fun b/c I crammed too much stuff in and we couldn’t relax (and, to be fair, a lot of unexpected stuff came at us). We had originally planned to not go back for a few years. But, we’ve only ever spent 1.5 days at Universal and would really like to see it “for real.” This would have to be when we have a strong degree of confidence in not getting sick so I don’t know when, but it rose a lot on my list lately. (The main trips we had for 2020 were where we’d be in close proximity to a lot of people, such as a cruise, and I’m thinking to avoid those ideas for now.) And, like I’m sure many of you are thinking, any place close to us that we can drive to would be more likely in the short term b/c it holds less risk than getting on a plane or boat etc. I like the idea of driving a few hours to a beach location.

If my late May / early June Disney trip doesn’t go through, I’m going to find an open / uncrowded beach and camp out there for a week.


Disney. We cancelled our mid-May trip and rescheduled from September. Fingers crossed things are better by then!


Disney is our next up family trip. My college roommate and I do a trip together every 5 years and had penciled in Italy for our next one so we’re hoping they recover well enough for international travelers by next summer/fall.


I have never been on a cruise. I kind of want to try one right away when things open up, when everyone’s still really concerned about washing their hands.

Eat out.


My fantastic ideal trip would be the December WDW trip that I was planning before the pandemic would happen the way I had been anticipating. I realize that is not realistic. I have not been able to make myself look at CL or parks or ADRs since February. I will be happy just to be able to go, but there are just so many unknowns.

We just finished watching the Imagineers docu-series on Disney+ and are debating which international Disney location we want to visit first. Paris was in the lead, but now Shanghai is at least giving it a run for it’s money. I love China. My daughters were both born there and adopted at a very young age. We’ve been back many times. I would love to visit both Hong Kong Disney and Shanghai Disney. I doubt that will happen this year though!

In realistic terms … we will most likely reschedule our April Disneyland trip as soon as they reopen. We are also on a National Park quest. If we decide to drive down to Disneyland (from Washington), we may take a side trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park and/or Crater Lake as we haven’t been to either yet.

I’m thinking of a trip out to Oak Island N.S. Yes, we watch the show. It would be a fun way to see part of the country.


We have a 12 day trip to Florida planned for December 2020/January 2021, includes a week at Disney. There are 10+ of us going so I’m really hoping it all works out for this one!

For summer, we plan to do mostly day trips within 2-3 hours of us. Our kids are little so water parks, amusement parks, museums, etc. are still big hits. Maybe Niagara Falls since we haven’t taken them there yet.

We already have our next three trips planned. We attend a large yearly convention that is a different location every year. So, hopefully that will still happen this summer. The location this summer and next summer aren’t very exciting. So we inserted a Disney trip into January 2021.

If I didn’t have anything planned, the next trip would be to Universal Orlando in the fall. We loved our recent trip there and bought passes. It is calling to me. In face, I’ve already tacked on a stay at one of the premier Universal hotels for one night our last weekend at Disney to get the express passes at Universal.

I really want – need – to visit the ocean.

But here in NH our beaches have all been closed so as to protect our seacoast communities from being inundated with visitors looking for a place to get outdoors. I respect that. I would have taken a drive to the ocean yesterday though. My soul needs the calming of the tides.


Just came across this article, maybe it will give someone an idea. As an ISTJ (boderline ESTJ), I particularly enjoyed the part where it said “as they pace through their spreadsheet of activities.” :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


I want a cruise. I wanted it before Covid. I still want it. I am not scared off from them.
And - contrary to what you might think - I am not finding great deals right now!!! I am trying to find one for August (not that I can really afford it).

I hadn’t planned to travel this year. We want to list our house NEXT spring and it needs a lot of cosmetic love. BUT that doesn’t stop me from looking and you said I can be fantastic.

I want to go out of Galveston for 7 nights on Carnival Vista.

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I can’t remember my code…

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You may have some extra time on your hands to take it again…

ISFJ-T. But barely the I. 51%I and 49%E.
And really the only one that is significant in any direction is the F.

Everything else is in the 4x% and 5x% split. I’m just crazy neutral?

And then I saw it suggested Santa Fe, which made me smile - because i actually have been there, and I scrolled through the rest and nothing else much peaked my interest except Puerto Rico… Which is ESFP. I was supposed to see San Juan on a cruise last year before I canceled it for a different trip.

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That Myers-Briggs travel thing didn’t work for me. I am strongly an INTJ. It said Telluride. While it is true that I don’t like the spotlight, CO is too outdoorsy for me. If I am outdoors I want to be underwater.


That’s me too!

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I want to do a week with just my husband split between WDW (Epcot and Ak) and New Orleans.

But realistically my #1 trip is running the 10 blocks to my dad’s condo to give him a hug.