When would you plan a WDW / UOR trip

…if you want things to be “as much like the before times as possible?” I’m thinking far ahead and what I want is FPP or something like it, no masks, fireworks, and character interactions. I’m thinking to wait until late 2022 at the earliest, what do you think?

I’m planning for summer 2022 and fully expect things to be back to normal before I go.


For UOR, I’m planning a trip in Feb 2022. I hope things will be back to normal then.

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For me it means either a long train ride (our preference, the auto train) or flights. We could drive, but found it unbearable the one time we did it. So, I’m holding the bar pretty high for what I expect for the $ / effort. If WDW were really close by I’d be thinking much sooner.

Masks are likely gone this summer. Fireworks is a big question mark, character interactions I’m not sure about. I’d say watch capacity and social distancing news as that will directly impact the profitability of the parks and how much staffing they can have.


I’m in the UK :woman_shrugging:

I think late 2022 is a very safe bet for normalcy. There may be some things that are permanently different from pre-covid, but I expect most things will be back up and running next spring/summer.

Keep in mind that the 50th Anniversary Celebration runs through March 2023. During this same time period, there will also be lots of people making up trips that were previously postponed. (Many people still holding off because of masks, no fireworks, etc.) So prepare for crowds WAY more than the current ones.

I think UOR will actually be a good place to go during this time, as far as crowds go. Because WDW will be back up to normal capacity, allowing many more people to visit there instead of UOR.


I also don’t want to return until Disney is back to what it was in 2019. I understand that if all you want is the rides then those are pretty much all running. I’d just rather wait until it’s all back up & running with no pandemic protocols. So, I’m in favor of waiting…

We are planning for Dec. 2022. It makes my countdown total about 1165 days. I was bummed about it, but am now using that time to add funds and “upgrade” that trip and plan a theme park vacation outline for at least the next 3 years. (I’ve been cooped up for too long!!)

2022 is Disneyland for 5 days & 1 day at Knott’s. The next year, I want to get an Universal AP w/ 4 - 6 visits. Finally, I figure that will give WDW enough time to be fully running with a return in 2024. (I’d like to see about a Tokyo trip by 2030)


Oh, sorry for the confusion: I wasn’t specifically replying to you, just sort of talking out loud about my own risk tolerance for trips. I dislike planes in the best of times and don’t want to deal with them if I wouldn’t be getting a full experience. I was more thinking about my relatives who live close to WDW b/c they specifically moved there for that; they visit about every 2 months, and they even went when all the parks were closed and they could only do stuff at the AK hotel. I compare myself to them a lot (honestly, I’m sort of jealous!). I could easily see WDW being very “normal” by early 2022.


We are postponing our planned summer 2021 trip for summer 2022. Barring a major setback, things should be back to normal then, and all the construction that was begun at Disney (mainly the Tron and Guardians of the Galaxy coasters) should be completed by then. With all the cutbacks made in the last year, it is likely these will be the last two major in-park upgrades that will be made for a while.


Given how expensive everything has gotten anyway, I’m thinking I might just make a reservation for the Galactic Starcruiser for 5 years (or however long I’m waitlisted for) from now and spend all my time saving for that experience!

I have been so spoiled with fantastic trips to both Universal and Disney that I have no desire to go anytime soon and feel like I’m getting less than the best.


That may be the one thing that would drag me back. But I’m waiting to find out cost and reviews to see if it will even be worth it.

Our last trip was 2018 before GE opened. I am a huge Star Wars fan and am excited to see it, but want to have the full experience, so waiting until next year in hope everything will be back to normal (and maybe RotR BGs are easier to get!)


My whole family consists of HUGE Star Wars fans (DH and I actually walked into our wedding reception to the Throne Room Theme), and we have yet to go to Galaxy’s Edge as well, as our last trip was in 2016. I know the cost for that experience will be astronomical, but if we hold off on any big vacations for a while, I may just be able to justify it regardless.

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