When will we get kicked out of Pandora?

Our first park day we will be ending with AK. The park closes at 8:30pm. I have checked and the sunset is 8:04pm. That gives me less than 30 minutes in the park after dark. I also want to ride EE after dark and see the tree of life. My plan is to go to Tree of life right as the sunsets and then head over immediately to EE for a quick night ride, then it will be closing time. Will we be able to go over to Pandora to check it out after dark (not trying to ride anything, just want to see it lit up)?

Figure an hour or more after closing. The FOP line is going to be your friend as they need for that to empty out before they close off the land


The one time when a ridiculous line is my friend!


Great question…I was thinking the same thing for our May trip and first time seeing Pandora.

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