When will we be able to make new resort reservations or modify existing?

Is Disney releasing new reservations this week? I need to move a trip to February and change the tickets.

For 2021, you can make new bookings beginning 6/28 so I would try then

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Thank you!! :slight_smile:

This morning they started unlocking some things so you can check pricing but you can’t book yet.

I was able to go online this morning and change my Fall 2020 reservation to February 2021. It also finally let me do all of my park reservations! Yay!!

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Yet another example of how we were all blindsided by today’s release of 2021 resort reservations! To be honest, “under-promise, over-deliver” is the way they should have rolled out the park reservation system Monday, too. It feels much better to wake up to a happy surprise than to spend all day on hold with IT.


I was able to get on and do my park passes this morning w/ tickets only.

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Every time I see the title of this thread I think of this:



This gave me a good laugh! :joy:

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