When will TP have LL and ILL available in their touring plans?

Hey there. I really want to follow a touring plan like we always do but we will be purchasing Genie + and a few ILL attractions. Do we have any insight to when we will be able to make a touring plan with LL and ILL attractions in the plan? We are leaving in a few weeks. If they won’t be available for awhile…do we just kind of wing it and not have a touring plan? Or make a touring plan but know it’s all going to change? Kind of confused on what to do. Thanks :slight_smile:

Edited - I think the options for selecting that are coming soon - when I pulled up a plan last last night I saw a button for it with a coming soon popup when selected.

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In the meantime, you can add a rest or a meal near the attraction you want to go for and put in your own proxy for how long you think it’ll take using the LL.

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@len had said “next month” back in early October right before Genie launch.

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There’s two parts to this:

  1. You tell the plan your G+ and ILL return times, and the plan optimization includes those times.
  2. We tell you what “next” G+ to get

#1 should be done mid-month this month. #2 will be the end of this month.


Is there a third part where we can build out a TP ahead of our trip that compares…

  1. Using just a TP
  2. Using G+ and a TP
    3./4. Adding ILL9s) to either of the above
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Thanks! :slight_smile: I also sent you a PM.

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It’d be two separate touring plans, but yeah, that’ll be possible.


I, like most people here, have been following along with the G+ release data. I thought today’s episode of “Disney Dish” did an excellent job of summing up the early data.

It seems like…

“Free” Genie only = pretty worthless and is a crowd control tool - often leaving you on your own for hours

Using Genie + and/or LL$, with no Touring Plan = You’ll get as much done as using a Touring Plan and standby queues, but not efficiently. However, your average wait will be half of what standby will be. You’ll have a little more free time - if you wake up early and set it up and familiarize yourself with the App in advance of your trip. People, like myself, that want to plan are going to find inputting all the information at the start of the day while in the park trying to start their day frustrating.

Personally, I will not be using the basic Genie. I will only be using G+ at Magic Kingdom and DHS along with a TP. (G+ doesn’t seem needed either Epcot or AK - maybe just a LL$ purchase for FOP or Remy)

I’m still 397 days away (but I’m not counting or anything!!) so I’m sure this will get sorted by then. I genuinely feel sorry for everyone that WDW is using to beta test this live. This product really doesn’t seem finished and they really shouldn’t be making people pay yet. I get that they don’t want to release it as “free”, even during testing, to later charge for it. However, to say it’s “ready” when it clearly isn’t and is using these first weeks to gather data isn’t OK to me…


Thanks for the detailed reply. I will not being using Genie to make a plan but I would like to use Touring Plans to make my TP for the day and then figure out a way to utilize LL and ILL into my TP.

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My trip is in 13 days (aaaahhhh!), so sounds like I won’t have time to use the updated TP generator before we go. My strategy right now has been to make my TP as usual, then analyze the wait times it’s giving me to pick my priorities for a G+, then comparing to the data on which rides return times are disappearing fastest to make my plans for which one to grab at 7AM on the dot. Then, I used the meal/break hack to swap out ILLs I plan to buy with times that seem reasonable to me. Morning of, I’ll update our TP with the actual times I obtained, reoptimize, and see where we go!


Please, if you have time, when you get back let us know how the G+ / TP combo went for you!!

That sounds like a great plan!! I will plan on doing the same thing. Can you explain the meal/break hack to swap out ILLs? I understand the concept of adding in a meal but really it’s an ILL attraction so I assume you know what time you want to do an ILL attraction and since you can pick that time in advance at 7am, you just put your meal time in the TP when you make it in advance and hope you can get an ILL at the time you scheduled a break for?

Yep, pretty much, just picked what seemed like times that would work out for our family, used those in the placeholder, then once I confirm everything, I’ll update with actual times and reoptimize! Will small kids, I already plan to be changing up the plans on the fly anyway, so I’ll use the app and reoptimize through the day.

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Definitely planning to do a trip report! TBD how live it will be, since I’ll be the group tour guide, but will definitely get recaps/summaries for y’all.


I will be doing something similar with my family’s touring plans. @ashleyayala1026 the only other thing I’d add is that if you’re using a meal/break to insert for an ILL or LL reservation, you need to pick a meal location near to the attraction for which you have the ILL. Because the touringplans software also factors in walking time between each step in your plan.

We are in parks Nov 14-15 and 17-18, although we only plan to buy G+ for Nov 15 (MK day, predicted crowd level 7) and Nov 17 (DHS day, predicted crowd level 5). With our Animal Kingdom and EPCOT days, the crowd levels predicted are 3 and 1, respectively, so we’re not planning to pony up for G+ or even any ILLs.

Hope you have an awesome trip! Sounds like we will be there around the same time.

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